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Exotic Border Reviewed Paperblog Pick in Gardening

The Exotic Border Reviewed

The Exotic Border has been through more iterations than any other border in the garden.  It has in truth lacked direction and yet there has been a slim thread of consistency runnin... Read more

Fungi Walk Paperblog Pick in Gardening

Fungi Walk

On Sunday I participated in a Fungi Walk, organised by the Countryside Rangers department of our local Council. It took place on Odiham Common, an area of woods and grassland rathe... Read more


  • Strimming A Wasp Nest …

    Strimming Wasp Nest

    … is foolhardy and best avoided.  (At which point I could end this post, I suppose … but I’ll press on a bit more).Over the summer, I’ve been fascinated by... Read more

    The 18 October 2016 by   David Marsden
  • Food Fraud

    Food Fraud

    As an avid reader of social media, I have recently become very aware of the amount of discussion taking place about Food Fraud. What is meant by this is... Read more

    The 09 October 2016 by   Mwillis
  • Autumn Blow

    Autumn Blow

    Autumn, it's that time of the year again when we're back to chasing daylight... With the length of days shortening at a fast pace, it's becoming increasingly... Read more

    The 08 October 2016 by   Alternativeeden
  • A Day of Plant Buying at Felley Priory

    Plant Buying Felley Priory

    Felley Priory in Underwood, north of Nottingham is about an hour ish from where I live. They host a Plant Heritage rare plant fair a couple of times a year and ... Read more

    The 06 October 2016 by   Ozhene
  • October Musings

    October Musings

    I am afraid that this has to be another very brief post this week. I did at least cut a vase of flowers this morning and so have a lovely bunch of late flowerin... Read more

    The 24 October 2016 by   Julie King
  • Posting Too Soon

    Posting Soon

    I just love stepping outside into our garden in the mornings. There's always something slightly different to see that wasn't there the day before. Read more

    The 10 October 2016 by   Gardenamateur
  • Rousham Gardens – A Must to Visit

    Rousham Gardens Must Visit

    Day 3 of my short break to Oxford was a visit to Rousham Gardens. I was surprised at the number of people who had not heard of Rousham when I spoke of our... Read more

    The 03 October 2016 by   Ronniejt28
  • End of Month View – September 2016

    Month View September 2016

    Seriously how is it October? I’m sure it’s only midway through September! But at least I have kinda remembered this month to do the End of Month View, albeit a... Read more

    The 01 October 2016 by   Patientgardener
  • Product Review - Tri-Truk Trolley

    Product Review Tri-Truk Trolley

    Dear reader at certain times of the year I manage to give myself a slightly strained back.  One of the worst times I do this is at this time of year when the... Read more

    The 10 October 2016 by   Ozhene
  • Harvest Monday - 24 October 2016

    Harvest Monday October 2016

    The carrots are still going strong! I pull up a bunch like this about once a week, but there never seem to be any less in the ground. It's amazing how many... Read more

    The 24 October 2016 by   Mwillis


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