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  • End of Month Review December 2019

    Month Review December 2019

    The last End of Month Review of the decade! How can this be?? It feels like the 2010s have flown by. Anyhoo, in the garden all is wet. Very wet. It has... Read more

    The 01 January 2020 by   Ozhene
  • A Tidying of Hellebores

    Tidying Hellebores

    I have often said that the garden often tells me what it wants me to do. I wander around as a prelude to starting gardening most weekends and sometimes I... Read more

    The 05 January 2020 by   Ozhene
  • Tree Following January 2020 - They Sleep

    Tree Following January 2020 They Sleep

    We are only a few days into January 2020, just on the very start of the decade and the quince trees are currently sleeping. As is my habit I stand in front of... Read more

    The 08 January 2020 by   Ozhene
  • Garden Plans for a New Year

    Garden Plans Year

    It is very hard to believe but I have been creating my garden for 10 years now. When we first arrived here back in late 2009 there was very little 'proper'... Read more

    The 09 January 2020 by   Julie King
  • Garden Answers Magazine

    Garden Answers Magazine

    If I haven’t written much for The Anxious Gardener recently, I have been writing other things. And, back in September, I was invited to submit an article to... Read more

    The 11 January 2020 by   David Marsden
  • Beneath the Magnolia

    Beneath Magnolia

    I make no claims to be a tidy gardener. I am apologetically untidy and one of the primary ways it manifests itself this time of year is that I do not remove... Read more

    The 12 January 2020 by   Ozhene
  • A New Year and Change of Venue

    Year Change Venue

    Happy New Year, Folks!For my long-time followers, you have probably realized that I am no longer in Charleston, SC. If you are new to my blog, I had lived the... Read more

    The 13 January 2020 by   Thecitrusguy
  • Greenhouse with Porch – Where to Buy.

    Greenhouse with Porch Where Buy.

    15th January 2020 * General * Daniel CarruthersIt's true to say that most gardens in the UK are long and thin. These lend themselves well to traditional... Read more

    The 15 January 2020 by   Danielcarruthers
  • A New Year in the Garden

    Year Garden

    Mid-way into January and it is starting to feel like we have turned the corner into a new year at last. There is still a lot of winter to come, we have not... Read more

    The 15 January 2020 by   Ozhene
  • Good Decisions

    Good Decisions

    Gardening is often about making decisions. Deciding what to plant, when to plant, what to remove, what to let be, do I do this today or tomorrow or ever? Many... Read more

    The 19 January 2020 by   Ozhene


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