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Allotment Year April 2012 Paperblog Pick in Gardening

Allotment Year – April 2012

I had a very soggy visit to the allotment yesterday.   It was a case of having to go as I hadn’t visited for just over a week and as I am away next weekend it would be another 7-8... Read more

Hard Working Perennials Mountain Gardens Paperblog Pick in Gardening

10 Hard Working Perennials for Mountain Gardens

Primrose is a very early bloomer, loving cold temperatures.Bright sunshine inspired a whole lotta work in the gardens yesterday ~ in spite of the fact that it was blustery and... Read more


  • DIY Grapevine Lighting Balls…What a BRIGHT Idea !!

    Grapevine Lighting Balls…What BRIGHT Idea

    HOW TO CREATE GRAPEVINE LIGHTING BALLS I wish I could dream up a better NAME Other than BALLS.I can create them, hang them, make them look pretty with lights,... Read more

    The 13 April 2012 by   Lynne
  • Jeepers a Creeper!!

    Jeepers Creeper!!

    One of the nice things about being a Master Gardener is, I get to work all kinds of events and meet all kinds of people. Sometimes we get really off the wall... Read more

    The 22 April 2012 by   Thecitrusguy
  • How to Kill Spider Mites with Co2 (Carbon Dioxide)

    Kill Spider Mites with (Carbon Dioxide)

    What is Carbon Dioxide exactly? Co2 is an extremely common, naturally occouring gas in the atmosphere. In fact, Carbon Dioxide makes up between 300 and 450 part... Read more

    The 21 April 2012 by   Stoopidj
  • Top Predator Insects for Indoor Gardens

    Predator Insects Indoor Gardens

    Everyone would prefer to keep harmful chemicals out of their grow rooms. But, if you wait too long sometimes you need use them. Here at SpiderMiteHQ. Read more

    The 13 April 2012 by   Stoopidj
  • Plant of the Week: Lamium Album

    Plant Week: Lamium Album

    Position: Full sun to partial shade Flowering period: Spring to autumn Soil: Moist, well drained Eventual Height: 1m Eventual Spread: 1m Hardiness: 7b – 10a... Read more

    The 17 April 2012 by   Davis Landscape Architecture
  • Tetranychus Urticae

    Tetranychus Urticae

    One day, you go to look at your garden either indoor or out and you notice that your leaves have started to get some yellow spots. Read more

    The 12 April 2012 by   Stoopidj
  • A Time to Say Goodbye

    Time Goodbye

    Astelia nervosa 'Westland' (centre) in 2006By the way, before it causes any confusion this post is not about us leaving the blog-o-sphere (nope, far from it! Read more

    The 29 April 2012 by   Alternativeeden
  • Help!!! I Have Green and Yellow Plants!

    Help!!! Have Green Yellow Plants!

    Ok. We’ve all been there. ”I have green and yellow plants,” you say, “and I’m Scared!“ First, Diagnose the Situation In order to treat your yellowing plant we... Read more

    The 14 April 2012 by   Stoopidj
  • An Afternoon Af-Fair

    Afternoon Af-Fair

    Last Tuesday I had the chance to pop round to the RHS Great London Plant Fair which was being held at the Horticultural Halls in Central London. Read more

    The 13 April 2012 by   Alternativeeden
  • An Afternoon with Fergus Garrett

    Afternoon with Fergus Garrett

    I was down at Barr Village Hall yesterday with Billy Carruthers from Binny Plants. Barr is a village that's easy to call to your mind's eye even if you've... Read more

    The 04 April 2012 by   Plantedd


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