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The Pending Pergola

or an update to a Life Less Wonky It is clearly an annual event that I stand in front of the pergola and consider it. I mainly consider its longevity, or should I say lack of it?... Read more


  • Sharing Pictures

    Sharing Pictures

    Occasionally, someone gets in touch to ask whether they can reproduce one of my photographs.  Most commonly it is to illustrate an article on their website and... Read more

    The 23 December 2016 by   David Marsden
  • Frangipani 'Serendipity'

    Frangipani 'Serendipity'

    Replacing a major plant in our garden always leads to a small series of what Pammy and I jokingly refer to as "committee meetings". Read more

    The 18 December 2016 by   Gardenamateur
  • After the Storm

    After Storm

    In truth, Storm Barbara was not that stormy when she arrived in the mild Midlands. She had done her worst before she reached us and so it was fairly blowy and... Read more

    The 26 December 2016 by   Ozhene
  • Land of the Long White Cloud

    Land Long White Cloud

    Botanically, New Zealand is an extraordinary country. Because it drifted off from the rest of the world so early on, its natural flora is very limited and with... Read more

    The 23 December 2016 by   Danielcarruthers
  • Lupin Land

    Lupin Land

    As someone who has always struggled to keep lupins alive, what with woolly aphids, rot – and plants that seem to lose the will to live beyond their first... Read more

    The 29 December 2016 by   Danielcarruthers
  • The New Zealand Christmas Tree

    Zealand Christmas Tree

    The last time I saw this glorious tree was at Logan Botanic Garden where it flowers in August. Here it is just coming into flower and will be at its peak by... Read more

    The 15 December 2016 by   Danielcarruthers
  • Beds: 1 to 5


    Bed 1 Rosella Sown 19 July Potted up 23 July Planted out 6 Oct but failed due to a cold Spring. This bed will now be converted to a wicking bed for future... Read more

    The 08 December 2016 by   Scarecrow
  • A Damp Dander

    Damp Dander

    Times have been tough with my mental health (not helped by these darker mornings and evenings) and the training of Toby. Oh Lord, I had forgotten how frustratin... Read more

    The 03 December 2016 by   Chrryblossomtat2
  • Delectable Feasting

    Delectable Feasting

    It can not be left quiet anymore - my hubby is a fabulous cook and I am so lucky to have him in my life! I wanted to shout it from the roof tops on Christmas Da... Read more

    The 28 December 2016 by   Chrryblossomtat2
  • End of Month View – December 2016

    Month View December 2016

    I have to admit that my lackadaisical approach to the blog and to a lesser degree the garden meant that I had forgotten about this month's End of Month View pos... Read more

    The 31 December 2016 by   Patientgardener


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