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A Thief With Principles

You may have seen this. My son found it and passed it along to me. It’s a true story that makes for a humorous but powerful illustration of how the human heart can rationalize... Read more

Spiritual Leadership Downloads 2011! Paperblog Pick in Spirituality

Spiritual Leadership Downloads 2011!

Spiritual Leadership Conference 2011 was held last month. I’m late in posting this information, but wanted to share it none-the-less. It is our desire to share Spiritual... Read more


  • #27 (Cosmic) Consciousness

    (Cosmic) Consciousness

    There was a Canadian psychiatrist, Richard Maurice Buck (1837-1902) who first wrote about "Cosmic Consciousness" over a hundred years ago (free PDF file of... Read more

    The 09 August 2011 by   Grasshopper
  • Parable of the Porcupine

    Parable Porcupine

    A friend today sent me this nice parable. Enjoy It was the coldest winter ever. Many animals died because of the cold. The porcupines, realizing the situation,... Read more

    The 25 August 2011 by   Luphil
  • Living Free Through Simplicity

    Living Free Through Simplicity

    In an increasingly-complex world, it’s becoming harder and harder to experience the simplicity of ages past. Thanks to the discover of electricity we have becom... Read more

    The 02 August 2011 by   Soulthriller
  • Coco Chanel - Was the Fashion Icon a Nazi Agent and Informer?

    Coco Chanel Fashion Icon Nazi Agent Informer?

    Interesting question isn’t it? The author Hal Vaughan in a new book “Sleeping with the Enemy “claims that Coco Chanel was a Nazi agent during the occupation of... Read more

    The 22 August 2011 by   Solarisastro
  • Artist Marc Quinn's "The Road To Enlightenment" in Montreal

    Artist Marc Quinn's "The Road Enlightenment" Montreal

    I've had the pleasure of visiting the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Beaux-Arts de Montreal) quite a few times, and invariably the one sculpture that always... Read more

    The 05 August 2011 by   Dianefergurson
  • Build a Free Worm House-Easy Livin'

    Build Free Worm House-Easy Livin'

    You have answered the question. Why Compost? Here is the answer to, "How do I Compost with Worms for Free?" Worms turn zero nutrient material into powerful,... Read more

    The 26 August 2011 by   Rachel
  • #28 The Ninth Wave - Mayan Prophecy

    Ninth Wave Mayan Prophecy

    In a previous post I mentioned how October 28, 2011 is more important than December of 2012. The ancient Mayans believed there are nine levels of evolution or... Read more

    The 15 August 2011 by   Grasshopper