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A Thief With Principles

By Caryschmidt

A Thief With Principles

You may have seen this. My son found it and passed it along to me. It’s a true story that makes for a humorous but powerful illustration of how the human heart can rationalize sin. Perhaps you can use it.

Dennis Lee Curtis was a thief who was arrested in 1992 in Rapid City, South Dakota. Curtis apparently had goals and guidelines about his thievery. During his arrest, the police found a sheet of paper in his wallet that contained the following handwritten guidelines:

1. I will not kill anyone unless I have to.
2. I will take cash and food stamps—no checks.
3. I will rob only at night.
4. I will not wear a mask.
5. I will not rob mini-marts or 7-Eleven stores.
6. If I get chased by cops on foot, I will get away. If chased by vehicle, I will not put the lives of innocent civilians on the line.
7. I will rob only seven months out of the year.
8. I will enjoy robbing from the rich to give to the poor.

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