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Coco Chanel - Was the Fashion Icon a Nazi Agent and Informer?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Interesting question isn’t it? The author Hal Vaughan in a new book “Sleeping with the Enemy “claims that Coco Chanel was a Nazi agent during the occupation of Paris. Is there any astrological basis to the claim? Looking at Coco’s chart maybe there is…

ChanelCoco natal

Coco was a fascinating character in her own right. Born in Saumur, France on 19th August 1883 at 16.00, Coco was a confident Sun Leo with a deceptive Pisces Moon and a very late Sagittarian Ascendant, almost into Capricorn. The chart is whole orientated to the western hemisphere (the right) so we know that she thought of others much more than she ever thought of herself. On the chart we have the brash confidence and the desire to be in the limelight of the Leo Sun combining with the need of the Piscean Moon to be creative and inspirational. The Moon sitting in the 2nd house shows that Coco’s creative urges would be directed at serving the public, a 2nd house Moon always indicates service in some way to others. This combination on Coco’s chart was highly focused, even obsessional as we see a very tight quindecile between Sun and Moon. With Mercury in technical Virgo, highlighting superb skill and a perfectionist attitude to the creative Moon, Coco would have needed an outlet for this opposition. That outlet came in the form of Saturn in Gemini at the point of a t-square with the Moon and Mercury. Through her everyday work (6th) she created form (Saturn) by way of making  clothes as well as accessories from her ideas. Saturn also in a skill sign Gemini in the creative 5th house, which highlights the skill of making things with the hands completes the t-square. Saturn here also confirmed that not only would Coco want to make clothes, she would want to run her own business. Mercury in the 8th house of big business confirms this.

Saturn was conjunct to Pluto which always gives one the chance to make riches  and success beyond your wildest dreams. Oh how she exploited her talents. Pluto in the 5th increases the drive and the creative ability to unseen heights and was also square to the Leo Sun. This is one lady who would have an iron grip on everything to do with her fashion house. I bet she was one tough, tough customer. Pluto also makes a conjunction to Neptune. This Neptune being personalised through the Piscean Moon has a tremendous influence on the chart. It makes a close trine to Uranus, this shows that her inspiration and creations were ahead of her time, her vision would stand for generations to come. Neptune also was trine to Mercury, again echoing the skill and inspiration in fashion design; it also brings the idea of the ideal. Coco would have a perfectionist idea in her head which she translated into clothes. Neptune makes a square to the Sun and Neptune in Leo, here is inspiration for colour, make-up & beauty. Neptune also makes a sextile to Jupiter, part of a Neptune/Uranus Jupiter mini grand trine. This gave her the platform and the international connections, Jupiter is in the house of partners, to send her creations all around the globe.

Finally Mars in the 6th house of everyday work gave her energy and a non stop work ethic. Mars made an opposition to her Sagittarian ascendant and a trine to her Midheaven. She continued to create and design into her 80’s. She was a truly remarkable lady and this is a truly remarkable chart.

The Nazi chart was a very complicated one based around a fixed grand cross showing idealist tendencies Jupiter, Neptune opposite Venus combined with emotion and violence Moon opposite Mars. There is also a brutal grand water trine with Mars Pluto and Uranus conjunct the Sun. Here is control, destructive tendencies and independent revolutionary spirit. Saturn in critical harsh Virgo also turns that grand water trine into a kite formation opposing the Sun Uranus conjunction. Mercury in Pisces sent out deceptive messages (propaganda), being part of a t-square with the Ascendant and Midheaven. It really is a vey disturbing chart.


Now what of those Nazi connections? If you take the Nazi party chart of 24th February 1920 at 19.15 in Munich and put it against Coco’s one, a remarkable picture appears.

NaziParty Coco

So what do we see? Firstly the Nazi Party Mars (the planet of action) sits conjunct to Coco’s North Node so there is an affinity here and Coco’s Neptune (the planet of deception) sits conjunct to the Nazi South Node and trine to the Nazi Ascendant and sextile to the Nazi Mercury. Both these planets are in quindecile – there is a focus and obsessional link between them and a connection in the form of communication. Not only that. Coco’s Mercury sits in the Nazi 12th house. This is a place of service and is in the hidden part of the Nazi chart, suggesting her hidden messages being sent to the Nazi command. Mercury is square to the authoritarian Nazi Saturn. There is also a square between Coco’s Saturn and the Nazi one – notice that Coco’s Saturn is in the international 9th house of the Nazi natal chart – Coco was an agent abroad for them. Coco’s Saturn is sextile to the Nazi Neptune, again highlighting the secret covert nature of their relationship.

Seeing the links above, I will let you make up your own mind if Coco was working on behalf of the Germans during the war time years, however I definitely lean towards the fact that she was. There is no doubt that you can see a potential flow of behind the scenes information on the synastry chart.

I have one other thing that may interest you. If you are still in doubt, check out the similarity between the Nazi swastika flag and Coco’s signature trademark design. SS interlocked and CC interlocked. Coincidence or not? You decide…

We will never know for sure of Coco’s real intentions and affiliations as she passed away in January 1971 at the grand old age of 87. One thing for sure, she was a huge, huge talent and her shadow still dominates the fashion world of today. 

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