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By Ashleylister @ashleylister
   Firstly let me apologize for my tardiness in writing a regular blog. At present my life is like an episode of a soap opera. Anyway, I settled down for a few minutes earlier this week and wrote this short piece....
   Our old van had a registration number that included the letters ENP, so in order to help me remember the registration,  I made up this little phrase.
              "Elephants never party".
   So I came up with this little poem....
   "Hey", says mama elephant,
   " Let's party the night away.
     Put on your brightest gear
    And together we shall sway.
    I like reggae music, but Mildred
    Likes old pop.
    Make it a real all night party,
    We'll dance till we drop.
    Daisy, there, is almost past it,
    But she likes a bit of twist.
    So let's get down and boogie,
    Make sure no one is missed.
    Ethel will bring good food,
    And Dolores even better wine-
    Get us in a good mood.
    We're sure to have a good time.
    Don't say we never party-
    We can party like the best.
    So come on ladies let's travel,
    We haven't got time to rest.
    It's only a few days journey
    To our favorite party spot.
    So tails to trunks together
    And off we'll jolly well trot.
Thank you for reading, Kath
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