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Weight Gain During Pregnancy

By Synzmemoir @synzmemoir
I did mention on my previous post that I have a cousin and a sister who's on their way of becoming a mom, what I mean is pregnant. Their OB gave them this small book for their record of prenatal check-ups. At the back of this books are written topics regarding pregnancy. One written there is the weight gain during pregnancy. So I decided to share it all here.
Weight Gain During Pregnancy
As we all know, gaining weight is a normal part of a healthy pregnancy. But what is the right amount of weight to gain? If you are underweight  when you begin your pregnancy, you should gain slightly more than the average weight woman. If you are overweight when you begin your pregnancy, you should gain slightly less than the average weight woman.
Recommended Weight Gain During Pregnancy
  • Normal weight women: should gain 25-35 pounds
  • Underweight women: should gain 28-40 pounds
  • Overweight women: should gain 15-25 pounds

Weeks of Pregnancy
Months 1-3
You probably will not gain much weight, 1 or 2 kg at most. You may even lose weight if you have morning sickness
Months 4-6
You will start gaining weight faster now, at an average 0.5kg a week. That is 7-9kg over the 3 months.

Months 7-9
You will gain weight a lot more slowly. Expect to add about 1kg a month.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

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I hope this post will add up to your knowledge regarding pregnancy weight. Till next time! 

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