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The Many Similarities I Share with Groundskeeper Willie

By Prodenbough


Willie: I have some information for you, but it's gonna be hard to hear.
Bart Simpson: Why, because of your stupid accent?
Willie: Ach, nay! Because of its upsetting nature.

So much in common.

·We both live alone in a shack on the school grounds where we work

·We are both immigrants

·We both speak in an accent that is often unintelligible (or at least ridiculous) to the locals

·We are both very proud of our homeland

·We both keep the school grounds (it’s sort of my job to lock up the school at night, and make sure no one is abusing the school water pump)

·We frequently give contradictory accounts of our past lives

·We are both quick to anger, and quick to yell at kids

Other than the fact that I actually teach, whereas Willie does not, we're practically the same person.

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