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  • Affordable Garden Art for Your Garden

    Affordable Garden Your

    Recently I have added a contemporary garden ornament to my garden in Shropshire. Discovering intriguing and appealing art at large country gardens and historic... Read more

    The 10 June 2016 by   Angela
  • French Yogurt Cake

    French Yogurt Cake

    Sometimes I just have a craving for cake. I haven't yet been able to sort out a way to make a diabetic cake which actually tastes good and has a texture that I... Read more

    The 18 June 2016 by   Mariealicerayner
  • Healthy Granola Bars (Vegan/No Add Sugar)

    Healthy Granola Bars (Vegan/No Sugar)

    These are probably my most healthiest bars yet with no added sugar, dairy or gluten they pretty much cater for all, plus they are tasty and crunchy! Pumpkin... Read more

    The 21 June 2016 by   Tejal Hewitt
  • Claire Austin Plants Open Day

    Claire Austin Plants Open

    On the England, Wales border of the counties of Shropshire and Powys you will find the garden nursery of Claire Austin Perennials. The nursery has many plants... Read more

    The 07 June 2016 by   Angela
  • New In Town: Ottimo At West View, ITC Maurya- Luxury Dining At Its Best

    Town: Ottimo West View, Maurya- Luxury Dining Best

    ITC gets one of its most coveted restaurant properties to Delhi after establishing a fine name for itself in Bangalore and Chennai. Ottimo, the famous ITC... Read more

    The 29 June 2016 by   Thetastingfork
  • Ban Jian Kuih (Peanut Pancake)

    Jian Kuih (Peanut Pancake)

    is not only my childhood favourite snack but also my son favourite snack too. It is hard to imaging my boy like this Asian street food so much!! Read more

    The 12 June 2016 by   Awayofmind
  • Vegan Green Celery Dinner!

    Vegan Green Celery Dinner!

    Yesterday, I harvested 2 giant bunches of green celery after I cleaned, thoroughly washed, spun dry it all, I froze 1 bag of 700 gr into my freezer to use in... Read more

    The 21 June 2016 by   Sophies Foodie
  • Basic Buckwheat Crepes and Pancakes - Gluten Free with a Nice QQ Texture

    Basic Buckwheat Crepes Pancakes Gluten Free with Nice Texture

    version;My family and I are not allergy or sensitive to gluten but we don't mind eating these gluten free crepes and pancakes that are made with buckwheat... Read more

    The 23 June 2016 by   Zoebakeforhappykids
  • Matcha Cream Cheese Parfait

    Matcha Cream Cheese Parfait

    (recipe adapted from My Little Space)Ingredients:225g Cowhead Cream Cheese, softened at room temperature100g icing sugar4 Tbsp matcha powder150ml heavy cream6... Read more

    The 05 June 2016 by   Cathysjoy
  • In the Tunnel on a Rainy Day

    Tunnel Rainy

    Yesterday the builders finally arrived to start the process of cleaning up and repairing the house after the awful Winter downpours of a few months ago, that sa... Read more

    The 11 June 2016 by   Sue15cat


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