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  • The Most Incredible Underground Art Exhibit You’ll Never See

    Most Incredible Underground Exhibit You’ll Never

    In 2010, 103 artists staged an exhibition in an obscure, strange location: underground New York City. No one was invited to the opening. Read more

    The 12 May 2013 by   Creativevisualart
  • Bella Vegan Café and Exploring Palmer Road, Muizenberg

    Bella Vegan Café Exploring Palmer Road, Muizenberg

    We popped around to the quaint little Palmer Road in Muizenberg Village one lunchtime last week and discovered that Bolo Bolo has moved! Read more

    The 07 May 2013 by   Crushland
  • Glendalough, One of the Most Beautiful Places in Ireland

    Glendalough, Most Beautiful Places Ireland

    Bob and I had wanted to visit Ireland for many a long year, so this past May, we booked a flight and made for Dublin.  We were excited about exploring the land... Read more

    The 06 May 2013 by   Frame To Frame - Bob And Jean
  • Multicolored Stalagmites and Stalactites in China

    Multicolored Stalagmites Stalactites China

    Photo credit: Helminadia Photo credit: Hesspoint Photo credit: Hesspoint Photo credit: Huang Xin Photo credit: Niranj Vaidyanathan Photo credit: Janta Tirtadjaj... Read more

    The 30 April 2013 by   Creativevisualart
  • The Boys


    Here is a recent portrait session I did with three fantastic guys, Tomas, David and Daniel. The three friends have know each other since childhood in... Read more

    The 25 April 2013 by   Astridtemplier
  • Comic Book Toys Photographed by Daniel Picard

    Comic Book Toys Photographed Daniel Picard

    Ottawa, Ontario-based photographer Daniel Picard uses comic book characters and photographs them in the real world. Called 1:1 Toys, the series, Picard takes th... Read more

    The 22 April 2013 by   Creativevisualart
  • Can You Smell Personality?

    Smell Personality?

    First impressions matter. This may not come as much of a surprise, but just how quickly we form impressions, and which cues we use to make such rapid... Read more

    The 14 April 2013 by   Creativevisualart
  • Fire-Breathing Dragon Bridge Opens in Vietnam

    Fire-Breathing Dragon Bridge Opens Vietnam

    A new bridge has opened in Vietnam but no ordinary bridge –  a dragon fire-breathing bridge in Da Nang, a major port city in Vietnam. Take that health safety... Read more

    The 07 April 2013 by   Creativevisualart
  • This is a Post About Blossoms

    This Post About Blossoms

    i love the spring. who doesn't? i also love the summer, fall and winter.. i'm a lover of all seasons. i love the change it brings and the feelings that come wit... Read more

    The 05 April 2013 by   Darlenedame
  • Urban Reflections

    Urban Reflections

    I think most photographers enjoy shooting images that contain interesting reflections, be they of the sun/moon/sky/clouds on water, or of... Read more

    The 04 April 2013 by   Shattman

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