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Urban Reflections

By Shattman
  I think most photographers enjoy shooting images that contain interesting reflections, be they of the sun/moon/sky/clouds on water, or of people/objects/animals off some reflective surface. I am certainly in that group; and I am always on the lookout for opportunities to make a good capture. My photog group was charged last month with submitting three images that could comprise a 'mini'-portfolio; viz. they had to be connected by something in common. The results were fascinating, to say the least. It was really a blast to see such creativity -- so many shots I wish I had thought of!! Anyway, I am posting my contribution below. Previously in this blog, I have posted isolated images with reflections, but never in a group like this. These pics were shot in downtown Rochester [the top one was posted previously as a color image.] I hope you like them.
Urban Reflections
Urban ReflectionsUrban Reflections

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