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Lockheed Martin F-16E Block 60/61 Desert Falcon

By Htam

DSC_2184_pano.jpg@ Fort Worth, TX

February 2008

Did you know that the most advanced F-16s in service aren’t in the U.S. Air Force?  You will find those serving the United Arab Emirates Air Force, whose F-16 E/F Block 60s are more advanced than the F-16 C/D Fighting Falcons that are the bulk of the USAF fighter fleet.  Major changes are improved radar and avionics and conformal fuel tanks.  The fuselage mounted 450 gal tanks free up wing stations for additional ordnance.  In March 2000, a $6.4 billion contract was signed with Lockheed Martin for the supply and support of the 80 F-16s.  This one was photographed at the Lockheed Martin Fort Worth facility prior to its delivery flight, during my first ISAP symposium.  Nikon D70s w/80-200mm.

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