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  • Woburn Abbey Gardens – Through the Seasons

    Woburn Abbey Gardens Through Seasons

    Early July long border Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire, the beautiful home of the Duke and Duchess of Bedford  first opened to the public in 1955. Read more

    The 24 March 2014 by   Gardeningjules
  • A New Range Of Potted Plants For Mother’s Day

    Range Potted Plants Mother’s

    Mother’s Day is synonymous with fresh flower deliveries, pamper hampers, sweet treats and anything else your dear mother’s heart may desire. Read more

    The 14 March 2014 by   Simon Crowther
  • Bridal Bouquet with Spring Blooms

    Bridal Bouquet with Spring Blooms

    I love the change of the seasons, especially going into spring. There is so much more available to design beautiful bouquets with. Today’s bridal bouquet was a... Read more

    The 21 March 2014 by   Botanicart
  • The Pruning of My Ninebark 'Diablo'

    Pruning Ninebark 'Diablo'

    Six weeks ago I had written a post that had me wondering aloud as to how I would prune my Ninebark 'Diablo'. After many sleepless nights and hours upon hours... Read more

    The 12 March 2014 by   John Markowski
  • Clematis Cirrhosa

    Clematis Cirrhosa

    (16/03/2014, Kew Gardens, London)Position: Sun to Partial ShadeFlowering Period: Winter to early springSoil: Well drainedEventual Height: 3mEventual Spread:... Read more

    The 26 March 2014 by   Davis Landscape Architecture
  • Born Out of Frustration

    Born Frustration

    Last night we were forecast to have a heavy frost (and heavy frost it was indeed) so I tucked away a few potted plants inside the greenhouse that could... Read more

    The 24 March 2014 by   Alternativeeden
  • A Few More Bearded Irises

    More Bearded Irises

    As I was looking through some of my photos, I realized I never posted the last few bearded iris photos from last year. So I figured I’d better get them posted... Read more

    The 11 March 2014 by   Pattyhankins
  • Camellia Japonica

    Camellia Japonica

    (16/03/2014, Kew Gardens, London)Position: Dappled to full shadeFlowering: Late winter to early springSoil: Moist, well-drained, acidicEventual Height:... Read more

    The 18 March 2014 by   Davis Landscape Architecture
  • Spring at Gravetye Manor

    Spring Gravetye Manor

    Back when I was a young stripling, I worked at Ingwersen’s Alpine Nursery (sadly no longer) which was next door to Gravetye Manor. Read more

    The 26 March 2014 by   Danielcarruthers
  • Gladiola Hedge

    Gladiola Hedge

    The gladiola season hasn’t started yet. And to get a little taste of what we can look forward to in a month or so, is one of my floral pieces that I designed... Read more

    The 07 March 2014 by   Botanicart


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