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Changed My Name , Change My Life…

By Jenrene

This blog piece is about change and how changing my name to "Make Me Happy" when I went to South Africa, changed my life.

Well first of all... I acquiesced. I yielded without protest. I stopped trying to make life be something it wasnt...stopped sacrificing my peace for others who didn't value it as highly as I did. I learned so much when I discovered this. I started living for myself.

Changed My Name , Change My Life…

Secondly, I began to appreciate and be grateful for experiences learned and used them as stepping stones to get me to higher places. For instance I began to challenge myself and ask myself : "Why work in Syracuse just because I lived there?" I then found myself searching for jobs I liked outside my 'four walls' and found a good one in Clinton, N.Y. working with adolescent boys in foster care and that began a new trajectory for me in terms of my work.

These were new beginnings for me. I learned I could live and survive on my own. Eight mos. later I was moving to a place I loved: Washington, D.C.! Changed my LIFE.

Then, I decided to look inside. It went a little deeper, because it all began with searching out my own happiness. Interestingly enough, I found it in Kuma, S. Africa. I found myself having a greater purpose in another country. Teaching and ministering to kids and adults and helping them thrive in poverty situations and helping those who suffered by having no hope. My BOUNDARIES of blessing, I found existed for a greater cause and when in my purpose, I GOT SOMETHING BACK. Resolve. And that, could change a Nation, with enough support.

My name change in S. Africa was Nthabiseng. "Making Me Happy, became a personal mission and I began the journey for myself first, and then for others. I realized being in Purpose, was Happiness and my youth was renewed.

I believe in the power of naming. Naming can change perspective and change life commitment. In my book, Red Sea Situations, I speak to powerful names of God and how altars that give God presence in your life, can change your life and perspective.

Get a revelation on how changing your life , your purpose and your direction can change your life. It may also change YOU.

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