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  • on Books This Year...

    Books This Year...

    I love reading and just like cooking I love to inspire people to read. I get so much joy out of recommending a really great book and having someone read it and... Read more

    The 15 March 2013 by   Calicotales
  • Limerance


    I am writing something of this sort after a long time. Hope you enjoy the write. The photo was taken in Hyde park during my visit to UK. Yes! i am trying my han... Read more

    The 23 March 2013 by   Shamsud
  • Borrowed Inspiration for Your Week: Books As Movies Edition

    Borrowed Inspiration Your Week: Books Movies Edition

    Hello fellow bloggers!  For a while there I was worried I wasn’t going to have time to write any new posts but (at the sacrifice of my stitching) I’ve carved ou... Read more

    The 11 March 2013 by   Crossstitchyourheart
  • A Bookworm Call to Arms

    Bookworm Call Arms

    Yesterday, the above-the-fold headline of the front page of the state’s major daily newspaper read “Liberal arts majors and the Portland tax base. Read more

    The 20 March 2013 by   Wendyrw619
  • Friday Favorites–Week No. 28

    Friday Favorites–Week

    Here again with a few of my favorite edits for the week. I really wish I had more time to do some tutorials – so much planned and so little time! Read more

    The 22 March 2013 by   Art Of Mob
  • Quotation – March 22, 2013

    Quotation March 2013

    From a “Dear Abby” post in The Province (Vancouver, BC) February 11, 1990Dear Abby: No problems here today–just happiness and bursting with pride! In 1985, a... Read more

    The 23 March 2013 by   Roxannebarbour
  • Middle of the Week Update: Progress Edition! (Finally)

    Middle Week Update: Progress Edition! (Finally)

    Well, the progress might not be fabulous but at least it exists.  So here it is, the progress on the HAED you’ve all been waiting for.I managed to finish the... Read more

    The 27 March 2013 by   Crossstitchyourheart
  • You Tell Me


    Early morning and late afternoon have the best light for photography -- those lovely slanting shadows. The writing class I'm teaching in Burnsville gets out at... Read more

    The 02 March 2013 by   Vickilane
  • Breaking News

    Breaking News

    I’m not really into the news. While I think it’s important to know what’s going on, I’m okay with just grazing the surface with minimal awareness to the... Read more

    The 18 March 2013 by   Abbyhasissues
  • Show & Tell A Rainbow

    Show Tell Rainbow

    Happy Thursday!I'm still on the birthday theme... it was a pretty big deal around these parts! With a lot of things being organised and made in two tiny little... Read more

    The 06 March 2013 by   Leonied


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