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Middle of the Week Update: Progress Edition! (Finally)

By Crossstitchyourheart @TMNienaber

Well, the progress might not be fabulous but at least it exists.  So here it is, the progress on the HAED you’ve all been waiting for.

I managed to finish the medium navy blue in one addition column!  Sounds exciting right?  I’m hoping to make a lot more progress by the end of the week.  Maybe not another whole page but pretty close (see how idealistic I am?).  I still think all the work is going to be worth it though.  Once it’s finished the design will look fantastic.  If you look up at the top where the first star in the column will be you’ll see where my color swap mistake was.  There’s a patch of black that should have been the same medium blue color as the rest of the row.  It sticks out in the light but once I get the surrounding area finished I think it will blend it a lot better, so I’m not as frustrated as I was before.

Once the pattern is finished I’m planning on sewing it to a cloth bag I can use to carry books around to and from the library or use as a reusable shopping bag.  Basically just something I can carry around with me and show off my stitching skills.  But that’ll be a long time coming with stitching coming along as slowly as it is.

How are you crafting endeavors going this week?  Hope you’re making more progress than I am!  But it is nice to have a week off…

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