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The Outsider by Stephen King

When a hideous crime happens to 11-year-old Frank Peterson in the fictitious town of Flint City, police immediately suspects the town’s little league coach Terry Maitland. Read more


  • The Third Man


    Published in 1949Graham Green’s The Third Man has the aura of familiarity about it. It’s one of those works that’s part of the collective consciousness, much... Read more

    The 01 March 2019 by   Brian Abbott
  • Beau and the Clockwork Girl by Kami Bryant

    Beau Clockwork Girl Kami Bryant

    Title: Beau and the Clockwork GirlAuthor: Kami BryantGenre: Steampunk Fantasy RomanceHosted by: Lady Amber's PRBlurb: In this steampunk, fantasy, romance, Beau’... Read more

    The 01 March 2019 by   Lauriej
  • Wolf Elite by Sedona Venez

    Wolf Elite Sedona Venez

    Title: Wolf Elite Box SetAuthor: Sedona VenezGenre: Paranormal Romance Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PRBlurb: It’s Not Just the Uniform: Military Alpha Hero Shifters... Read more

    The 01 March 2019 by   Lauriej
  • Blue Gold #BriFri #Review

    Blue Gold #BriFri #Review

    Welcome to British Isles Friday! British Isles Friday is a weekly event for sharing all things British and Irish - reviews, photos, opinions, trip reports,... Read more

    The 01 March 2019 by   Joyweesemoll
  • Dark Side Of The Moon by Les Wood

    Dark Side Moon Wood

    A blackly comic heist novel set in Glasgow's famed underworld, reminiscent of early Christopher Brookmyre. Boddice, a crime lord looking over his shoulder for... Read more

    The 01 March 2019 by   Pamelascott
  • February 2019 On The Book Lover’s Boudoir

    February 2019 Book Lover’s Boudoir

    I read 36 books: February factoids: 31 fiction 5 nonfiction 6 UK authors 30 US authors 13 male authors 23 female authors 6,197 pages read Burned... Read more

    The 01 March 2019 by   Pamelascott
  • Danika Reviews Stone Mad by Elizabeth Bear

    Danika Reviews Stone Elizabeth Bear

    This was an odd read for me. I finished the first book and enjoyed the characters and the world, but (partly because I was listening to the audiobook), I had... Read more

    The 01 March 2019 by   Lesbrary
  • Tit Fr Tat

    I like hats. I only wish I had a smaller head! You see they always seem too large for me, so I have to steam them or add a band inside so they fit. Read more

    The 01 March 2019 by   Ashleylister
  • Turnip Greens & Tortillas: A Mexican Chef Spices up the Southern Kitchen by Eddi...

    Turnip Greens Tortillas: Mexican Chef Spices Southern Kitchen Eddie Hernandez Susan Puckett- Feature Review

    ABOUT THE BOOK:Southern fare with a Mexican flair, by the chef/co-owner of the restaurant empire that Bon Appétit called a “Top American Restaurant”USA Today... Read more

    The 01 March 2019 by   Gpangel
  • If Only I Could Tell You – Hannah Beckerman

    Only Could Tell Hannah Beckerman

    What’s it all about?:Audrey’s family has fallen apart. Her two grown-up daughters, Jess and Lily, are estranged, and her two teenage granddaughters have never... Read more

    The 01 March 2019 by   Bibliobeth


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