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Auger of Shadows by Jacob Rundle

By Lauriej
Auger of Shadows by Jacob Rundle
Auger of Shadows by Jacob RundleAugur of ShadowsThe Destined Book 1by Jacob RundleGenre: Dark Urban FantasyAuger of Shadows by Jacob RundleThe story has always been told that the end of the world is the end of everything. In AUGUR OF SHADOWS: BOOK 1 OF THE DESTINED SERIES,
Seventeen year-old Henri and his two friends, Etlina and Siméon, are burdened
with the responsibility to bring about a cataclysmic event in order
to save the entirety of existence from the primordial evil.
Through the guidance of otherworldly beings, Henri and his friends venture on their paths to fulfill what is needed to ensure the survival of the universe. With their intertwining endeavors, Henri and the others venture on exploits through lands of myth and mystery. In the process of fulfilling their obligations,
they begin to form a much-needed bond, which helps propel them
forward to do what is needed to guarantee existence in the future.

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Auger of Shadows by Jacob Rundle
“Henri,” a mysterious voiced whispered in his mind. Henri stopped walking to see who was whispering in his ear. He turned around, but he saw nothing, which caused a chill down his spine.    “What’s that?” Henri didn’t like the chilly feeling in the air, and he didn’t appreciate the feeling like someone was watching him. He picked up his pace on the sidewalk, avoiding any tiny obstacles in his way. His mind had one mission, and the mission was to get home safely. At the present moment, Henri wished that someone were with him in case something happened.      “Who’s there?” Henri waited for any sign of a response. He walked towards his house, ignoring the increasing creepy vibe he felt. A sharp pain stabbed Henri’s stomach, forcing him to run to his house. The pain became more intense as the seconds passed. When he made it up his front stairs, he spun around to confront whoever was stalking him. Henri saw nothing but his front tree, and the trashcans that he didn’t retrieve the other day. Henri panicked for that he didn’t know what to do. The area went silent, and he heard nothing, but the breathing of an invisible force. He felt as though an unseen bubble had formed around him and his front porch. His heart increased its output, and Henri’s breathing became erratic.The wind picked up loosened materials off the ground, and a sharp unexpected breeze passed through his proximity. The wind flew through the open crevices of the trees, creating an eerie howling. Henri quickly scanned the area again, yet he still didn’t see anything. He tried to channel his frustration instead of terror.  “What is going on?” Henri mumbled under his breath. He glanced up into the early evening sky, and he saw dark clouds were rolling towards his house as a tide during a full moon. The branches and bushes’ tall blades bent over by an unseen terror. He backed up against his door, trying to open his front door only realizing that he had left his house key elsewhere.
Auger of Shadows by Jacob RundleAuger of Shadows by Jacob RundleJacob John Rundle was born on September 27, 1985, in Galesburg, IL. He
attended Knox College, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Russian
Language and Literature. He served eight years in the United States
Navy as a Nuclear Mechanic.
After finishing his time with the Navy, he moved to New Orleans, and it is where he resides, pursuing his dream of being a writer.

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Auger of Shadows by Jacob Rundle
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Auger of Shadows by Jacob Rundle

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