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  • A Two Book Launch Party and Other Events

    Book Launch Party Other Events

    I have two new novels out this week: HOT LIGHTS, COLD STEEL, a Dub Walker Thriller ROYAL PAINS: FIRST, DO NO HARM, the first tie-in novel for the popular TV... Read more

    The 30 May 2011 by   Dplylemd
  • Friday’s Events (IV)

    Friday’s Events (IV)

    Seems like Blogger is having a few problems since yesterday and I’ll be updating this page as the memes/blog hops are posted!Here’s my answer to today’s... Read more

    The 13 May 2011 by   Readingromances
  • 5 Myths About the Information Age

    Myths About Information

    There is a very interesting and thoughtful article in the Chronicle for Higher Education by Robert Darnton, the university librarian at Harvard University. Read more

    The 10 May 2011 by   Andyross
  • Bookselling in the Eighties 2

    Bookselling Eighties

    In 1980  most books were still being sold in independent stores. The big chains were B. Dalton Booksellers  (later purchased by Barnes and Noble) and Waldenbook... Read more

    The 18 May 2011 by   Andyross
  • Mini-Review: Miles From Ordinary

    Mini-Review: Miles From Ordinary

    Miles from Ordinary by Carol Lynch Williams Genre: YA Pages: 197 (ARC) From the back cover: Thirteen-year-old Lacey wakes to a beautiful summer morning excited... Read more

    The 07 May 2011 by   Bookaholic
  • Friday’s Events (VI)

    Friday’s Events (VI)

    This week’s question is: ”What book-to-movie adaption have you most liked? Which have you disliked?”Favorite: The Lord of the Rings – Best adaptation EVER!!! Read more

    The 27 May 2011 by   Readingromances
  • Sunday Status – May 21

    Sunday Status

    This is a new meme I created for us, book bloggers, to keep track of our blog status and our readers updated with what’s going on! We can support each other... Read more

    The 22 May 2011 by   Readingromances
  • Thursday’s Events (III)

    Thursday’s Events (III)

    We just celebrated Mother’s day so this week’s theme had to be a celebration of women. Go ahead and post on …….. WOMEN RELATIONSHIPS Relation that one can have... Read more

    The 12 May 2011 by   Readingromances
  • Exclusive Interview with Jim Shepard, Author of You Think That’s Bad: Stories

    Exclusive Interview with Shepard, Author Think That’s Bad: Stories

    Book Passage contributing blogger Zack Ruskin interviewed Jim Shepard (author of books including Like You'd Understand, Anyway: Stories, Love and Hydrogen: New... Read more

    The 05 May 2011 by   Bookpassage
  • Monday’s Events (VI)

    Monday’s Events (VI)

    This week’s musing asks… Describe the last time you were stumped for something to read, and you took measures to remedy that — either by going to the... Read more

    The 30 May 2011 by   Readingromances


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