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Sci-fi-cafe Press Now Serving CAFE NOIR

By Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Rapture Day, May 21st 2011, is the day that sci-fi-cafe's revamped BOOKSTORE chose to offer its readers a more apocalyptic brew:
Strong, dark and uncompromising. These titles are not for the squeamish, and certainly not for the kids. Best read after dark, under the covers.

sci-fi-cafe press now serving CAFE NOIR

Currently, CAFE NOIR consists of my three re-published (Hertzan Chimera) horror novels "Jane's Game", "The Hoo-Hoo Are Coming" and "Twilight's Last Gleaming" and my two new novels mystery novels "Yoroppa" and "View from a Stolen Window" all in Kindle Exclusive format. Horror writers Brandon Michael Collinsworth and Dawn Cartwright also share this CAFE NOIR section.
The world didn't end, it just got a whole lot more terrifying.

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