Palka Chopra


Well, I am very new to this blogging business. I’ve worked in the Financial Services sector for about eight years and have always loved writing, though till now my writing was majorly focusing on Economy and Investments but now that i am trying to write about everything under the sun, I am thoroughly enjoying myself!!

A little bit more about me:

# I am from India, currently living in Hong Kong, and have lived in London for two years before moving here

# I come from a very common category of people who think too much

# I am a mom of a 4 year old little princess and my life revolves around her these days

# This blog is for my thoughts, my views, my living and everything in-between and i’ll be happy if you stop by and share yours :)

Palka xx


  • An Array Of Thoughts

    Now that i am finding my feet in this journey, i am writing more about

    * Healthy living and what we can of to improve our health

    * Hong Kong and what i love and feel about this new city that i am living in

    * Life as a whole, don’t call me philosophical or anything, but i like discussing about life and where it takes us

    * It’s a blog about dreams, parenting, politics, fashion, cooking, relationships…. to cut it short… about everything under the sun.

    I am in the initial stages of blogging, so give it some time, i am sure you’ll like what you read here :) and if you do, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button!!

    Thanks for stopping by!! Happy Reading!!