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When the Going Gets Tough

By Palka Chopra @arrayofthoughts
When the going gets tough

Hello there people! A very Happy Chinese New Year to y'all. You are supposed to embrace the cultures around you these days, isn't it. With my lil girl studying in an international school, it's quite easy to follow the celebrations around the world and be a part of everything, thanks to the school for making the parents a part of it as well.

We (mostly my daughter) are enjoying the chinese new year break for two weeks these days, and we've not been able to do too much this year, thanks to the cold run in the weather which has mellowed down a bit now (thankfully!), but most of us have fallen quite sick this winter. Especially me with sore throat, antibiotics and cough (which does not want to go away!). I have made countless trips to the doctors this last month, for myself and for my son (who is not even an year old yet and suffered quite a bit in his first exposure to winters). I am really hoping this mellow weather continues for a bit and we get some super duper sunshine (which btw is an answer to every health issues (most of them) back home in India).

I feel the worst when i am sick (i know everybody does), there's hardly any motivation and that has been happening quite a lot lately, but i think as a mother you really do not get the rest that your body needs at such times when the immunity is low and i really think that's the reason of my health issues this winter. I have been trying to work on my immunity by adding some Vitamin C and some ayurvedic supplements to my diet and i really really really hope that they finally start to show some results now. Coz if the mother's a bit unsettled, how do the kids get better!!

I know i know, it's been a super crib post.... but what do you do when the going get's tough!! Especially on the health front. Would love to know some staying healthy techniques. And yes, hopefully i'll be able to get some more time for the blog once i am feeling all healthy and motivated and i am hoping that's super soon!! Keeping my fingers crossed that this Year of Monkey blesses all of us with great health (somehow!).

When the going gets tough

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