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Breathe Fresh- with DYSON Air Purifiers

By Palka Chopra @arrayofthoughts
Breathe Fresh- with DYSON Air Purifiers

Who doesn't want to breathe fresh air! But saying the same for the air quality of HongKong would be an understatement. There are a lot of good things about living in Hong Kong but the pollution and allergens that this place suffers from is not one of them.

I on a personal level have faced asthma since my childhood, a wee bit of dust in the environment and I would suffer these attacks which would lead to hospitalisation for a couple of days. But with age, the symptoms started to fade away (maybe I was one of the lucky ones). But now, both my children suffer from bronchitis and bouts of cough which come and go thanks to all the allergens around. The doctors today ask you to stay away from playgroups, indoor play areas, parks during the allergy season, but we hardly consider the air quality inside our homes where we spend major part of the day. Respiratory specialists also have started recommending air purifiers at home to take care of the air purity levels.

I was recently invited by Dyson to review their Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link, a three in one product, which works as a fan, heater and a purifier. This product automatically purifies to help remove pollutants and allergens from the air. I used this product for over a month before the review video was shot (you can find the video below!). For more details on the product, click here.

  1. Very light and a compact product
  2. Three in one feature of purifying, cooling and heating
  3. Dyson link app (phone based app), which helps in setting up the product to your specifications
  4. No blade feature- very safe to use it around small children
  5. Comes with a remote that sticks (magnetically) on the product- so no chance of misplacing it
  6. Changing the filter is as easy as pie (can watch in the video below)
Here is the video that was shot for Dyson, hope you enjoy it!

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