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Explore Your Creative Side with Seedling

By Palka Chopra @arrayofthoughts
Explore your creative side with Seedling

I start this post today by asking you all two questions?

  1. What form of learning do you think is best for children?
  2. How do you spend quality time with your child?

I and my daughter love doing creative stuff together. We love going for shows / plays, if you have been following my blog you would've come across posts on quite a few times. We love sitting together and colouring- i am in love with adult colouring books. Also, during holidays or sick days we end up doing all sorts of crafts. To cut the long story short, we are obsessed with exploring our creative sides these days. It's not only about creating stuff together, it is more about talking in between, sharing stories from my childhood, getting to know newer aspects of each other's lives and being more of buddies to each other.

In search of more creative stuff, i landed on Seedling's. Seedling originated in New Zealand and they specialise in creating DIY activity kits for children aged between 3 and 12 years. These kits encompass a wide variety of activities including painting, science, drawing, imaginative play, model building and much more. We tried three of their products and spent two evenings of quality mother-daughter time and ended up having loads of fun and learning a lot of new things.

The motive of any craft (or creative activity for that matter) is to encourage your thinking, trying to experience that in your mind first and then creating it in front of you. And that's what i loved about all these products, though most of the things were structured enough but there was enough scope for a child's mind to race and work on its own!! Here are the three products that we tried.
Explore your creative side with Seedling

GLOW by me- The first one was a white globe which had to be designed and coloured. It has three in-built colourful lights and it glows in the dark. The kit came with a white (plain canvas like) globe and we used the colourful markers (they come with the kit as well) to make our patterns on the globe. I helped my daughter by making the outlines and she did the rest. It was wonderful to debate about the design and which colours to use. The globe now sits proud in my daughter's room as a nightlight.

Explore your creative side with Seedling

Colour the GALAXY- This was the second product that we tried. It comes with pre made patterns and the colourful markers. The galaxy needs to be inflated with an air pump before you start to colour, so we had some exercising to do before testing our creative bones (pumping with my two little helpers- i have 20 month old son as well, was super fun). We both ended up colouring our sides of the galaxy and again discussing what colours should the planets and the stars be was super fun!! I am thinking i am going to hang this galaxy in my son's room.

Explore your creative side with Seedling

The Ultimate Jet Plane DESIGNER- This was actually my favourite out of the three (my daughter's favourite was the globe). The kit comes with two unassembled jet planes, glue, a plaint brush and different coloured paper to make patterns and designs. We made one green jet plane for my son with a big A on it as his name starts with an A, and the other one for my daughter who's name starts with an M. It was such a team effort to make this one, but it was totally worth it in the end.

Learning is a very important aspect of every growing child's life. Be it learning at school, home or during play time- all kinds of learning helps children improve their relationship skills, communication skills, teach them to share and how to work together. Also, learning activities combined with quality time spent with the parents is one of the best combinations. If you are looking for some DIY kits for the children for those boring days at home, or just looking for some fun christmas gifts- Seedling might just be the answer. Seedling is marketed by minifab Ltd in Hong Kong. To order you can go to their or email them at [email protected]

You can find more of their stockists .

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