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10 Health Tips to Make You a Healthy and Happy Mom!

By Palka Chopra @arrayofthoughts

by Palka Chopra

10 health tips to make you a healthy and happy mom!

They say a healthy and happy mom is always a better mom. And there is nothing more truthful than that. Motherhood is a gift but a demanding one and it comes with its own challenges, good and bad days, but the moment you loose sight of your own well being as a mother, you are going to go downhill. Self-neglect and not taking care of your personal needs can make you less vibrant, less energetic and less healthy, thus you won't be able to cater to your family's needs. Be it a working mom or a stay at home one, you never stop being a mother, it's a 24/7 job with no weekends, sick leaves or even a time out. So taking care of yourself should be one of your top priorities coz once you are healthy and happy, your job of bringing up happy and healthy children becomes much easier.

Today i talk about 10 keys to that healthy life as a mother. Prioritising yourself is hard, but persistence and consistency will come after some falls for sure.

  1. Eat Clean- You know i am going to say to stop eating sugar and processed food. You're right, you need to cut down on that sugar, it is an addiction! There are much nicer and healthier options available to those sodas, juices, cereals, breads. Make a habit to live on organic food, read labels while you shop and try using the fresh produce as much as you can. Also, when you think of snacking during the day, act smart and choose healthy and filling options like nuts, cucumber/carrot sticks with hummus, freshly cut fruit- there are hundreds of options when you sit and think about it.
  2. Stay Hydrated- We need at least 2 litres of water everyday to function well. So, make it a point to drink plenty of water throughout the day as even mild dehydration can lead to lack of energy, fatigue, headache etc. Especially now that it is summer time, make sure you have a bottle of water handy for yourself while you are going out. Making pitcher full of flavoured water every morning can make that boring water more appealing and another excuse for having more water will not harm you in any way. Here are a few ways that you can try to make that flavoured water.
  3. Meal Plans- I know they are hard to set, but one of the hardest jobs i feel as a mother is providing healthy and nutritious food to the kids every single day. A meal plan is a key to sticking to eat clean and healthy and you can always fix a quick easy dinner on a busy day with the groceries sorted and the freezer and fridge stocked up with what you need. I always plan the meals over the weekend, for a smoother week ahead!
  4. Meal Times- It is very important to follow proper meal times. The health advisors say, you need to have your healthy breakfast within one hour from the time that you wake up and you need to have your dinner three hours before you sleep. I feel breakfast is easier to have during that time, but dinner time is generally dictated by when you get home from work, or you waiting for your spouse and wanting to eat together or you putting kids to bed first. But try sticking to a time as far as possible.
  5. Exercise- Exercise is the fix to that tired body and that silly mind. A quick run, a brisk walk or 20 minutes on the treadmill, generally gives a fix to my stress as well. Make sure you pick up some good exercise routine, what ever suits you, and it can be 3-4 days a week for maybe 20-30 minutes each time. Sometimes, days can be super hectic for squeezing in that trip to the gym, but playing with your lil ones also counts as exercise. Try doing the skips with your daughter, or putting that ball in the hoop with your son. This will not only make you energetic but also keep those hormones happy!!
  6. Sleep Time- Getting enough sleep is more important than to think. Being a mother, i know how appealing it is to tidy the house after the kids sleep or to fold that laundry, or to watch some tv. But sleeping enough not only makes you healthy, but reduces that stress and helps you have a better next day. Here's another post that'll help you figure if you are sleeping adequately or no.
  7. Date Night- Motherhood not only stresses you out physically, but mentally too. And when the kids are small, your life truly revolves around them and it is very hard to spend quality time with your partner. As much as i'd like to say this happens at least once a week for us, it doesn't. But we try to squeeze one in whenever we can. It's very important for your mental health, to reconnect with your spouse coz "hey, it was the two of you, before the kids came into picture!!"
  8. Night Cap- One of the first thing that we as mums do, is enjoy that night cap of ours once the kids are asleep. Sometimes the hard days work calls for a treat. Instead of indulging yourself, try night time teas, or herbal teas which will give that digestion a boost and help you sleep better ("pssssst- and also won't load on any weight gain").
  9. Me Time- Most of us know the importance of that quiet time during the day, and how it can help us recharge our batteries. I generally ask my daughter to read in her room while i need that time off. You can use this off-time quite smartly by either meditating, reading a book, painting, talking to a friend or what ever that is that allows you to de-stress.
  10. Regular Check Ups- Never ignore any kind of signs, even if you notice smallest of things different in your body and they are not going, better to book that appointment with your doctor. Let your doctor know whatever you are feeling physically and/or mentally. We moms have that super mom attitude when it comes to our own health and think that nothing can go wrong with us but there is a lot of help available now, just don't neglect the signs.
These healthy habit not only will make us healthy in the long run but also help us enjoy motherhood more and give us all the energy that we need to run behind those little monkeys all day everyday!

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