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  • Revit Architectural Drawings

    The Revit architectural drawings have become much popular in the architectural industry due to the highly efficient functional tools of Revit and its ability to create an uninterrupted project workflow. Revit is a building information modeling software developed by Autodesk Corporation. It is a comprehensive tool which caters to each and every single phase of the architectural design, right from the conceptual design to the construction documentation phase.

    The advanced concept that is being implemented in the Revit architectural drawings is building information modeling (BIM). BIM can be defined as the creation of an integrated architectural design in the digital environment. The model helps the engineers, architects, clients and the contractors to predict and scrutinize the project in a realistic manner. In this way, they could be able to make the design decisions faster and can increase the quality of the designs from the initial stages itself.

    The various benefits that the Revit architectural drawings offer in the whole design phase are as follows:

    • Increase in productivity: By effectively reducing the design time, Revit helps in the overall increase in productivity.
    • Fewer chances of vital errors: The central file serving tools of Revit eliminates the errors effectively and reduces any type of irregularity in the designs.
    • Access to parametric components: Users don’t have to deal with any programming language. The use of parametric components saves a substantial amount of design time.
    • Collaboration with multiple file formats: The Revit architectural drawings can be imported and exported in different file formats such as DXF, DGN and DWG, as per the client’s requirement.

    With the user friendly interfaces of Revit software, the designers can develop the accurate Revit architectural drawings in a considerably less amount of time. Users don’t have to input any command over here. There are predefined functions present in the software. With a wide array of design tools, users only need to retrieve the appropriate tool and set the geometries of the individual components, so as to establish a perfect coordination between the individual architectural designs.

    With the help of the Revit software, the structural analysis of the projects can easily be conducted. The software can be linked with various building analysis applications using the application programming interface (API). Depending upon the results obtained from the analysis, the Revit architectural drawings can be modified for a better design and a better architectural functionality.