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AutoCAD Architectural Drawings and Its Growing Demand

By Architectural3dmodelling @3d_modelling

Advent of Auto-CAD has vastly reduced the usage of hand drawings. Firms providing CAD conversion services convert paper drawings, pdf, jpeg, bmp and other formats to a computer generated CAD drawing.  The resultant AutoCAD Architectural drawing is dimensionally correct, designed to required specifications, well detailed and accurate.  It can be done by either manually redrafting the drawings or using software to convert images into electronic format. The later method lacks accuracy and is generally used when there is need for archiving old drawings. The manual drafting method is a bit costly and is used when concern for accuracy is paramount and the cost takes the backseat.
The following type of Cad conversions services is available in the market:

  • Paper drawing to CAD
  • BMP to CAD
  • JPEG to CAD
  • PDF to CAD
  • Scanned documents to CAD
  • And More

The market for such services is thriving as the companies these days are outsourcing these tasks considering its time consuming nature and effort required to convert complex drawings. The competition in the market is keeping the prices down and it also offers companies a lot of firms to choose from as per their requirements. Companies in fields as diverse as Mechanical, Electrical Drafting, Technical Illustrations, Architectural Drawing, AutoCAD Drawings, Schematics Topographical Maps, Civil Drawing, Soil/ Flood Maps, Parcel/ Tax maps, Lease Boundaries and Architectural Drawing are making regular use these facilities. A lot of firms charge less when taking orders in bulk.

Broadly speaking following parameters should be looked into before hiring a firm:

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Accuracy of AutoCAD drawings
  • Typical turn over time
  • Feedback of firm
  • Reputation in market
  • Experience in field

Often many firms lack in some ways so some customers have to priorities their parameters accordingly and look which firm can provide them with the least objectionable solution. Most firms have based their businesses on net and can be easily reached through email and asked for their services. This helps in providing a hassle free and less time consuming solution.

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