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Architectural Drafting Services: Everything About Architectural CAD Drafting

By Architectural3dmodelling @3d_modelling

Architectural CAD drafting forms the base of every construction project these days. From basic floor plans to detailed and complete drawings, 2D architectural drafting is the mainstay of all construction projects where it serves as the true blueprint of construction documents. With the onset of CAD, it has become even more versatile, flexible and important. 

Architectural CAD drafting influences a lot of design considerations. Much before the actual construction takes place, architects spend several days on perfecting the floor plans, ceiling plans, elevation draftings and more through architectural CAD drafting. All this helps in not only having a blueprint to work with but also in the legal processes that are involved in getting the drafts approved by the authorities.

Some of the primary ares of focus in Architectural Drafting Services are:

•    Floor plans: making extensively detailed and informative floor plans are absolutely mandatory.
•    Wall sections and ceiling plans: information about ceiling plans are ingrained within architectural draftings of ceiling and wall sections.
•    Load Calculations: architectural detailing also involves load calculation of how much the roof can withstand or an elevated floor can take up.
•    Detail Sheets: these are used to address the need for very specific information pertaining to specific zones within the construction.

2D Architectural drafting has been made enormously simple through softwares such as ArchiCad and AutoCAD. However, a high level of competence and experience is still required during the production of architectural CAD drafting. Since these documents are required to be very accurate and precise, care needs to be taken to produce them with the highest level of information accuracy.

Third-party architectural drafting services have emerged all over the globe helping clients generate accurate drafting for their construction projects.

Benefits of Architectural Drafting Services:

•    Timely delivery and flexible scheduling
•    Accuracy of information
•    Flexible or affordable budgets
•    Talented, experienced manpower

Over the years, architectural CAD drafting has evolved through various processes and software embellishments. Today, versatile and flexible architectural drafts have become very popular.

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