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Architectural Engineering Services: Parameters to Consider

By Architectural3dmodelling @3d_modelling

Architectural engineering is a branch of technical studies in which various theories are being taught regarding the effective implementation of the engineering systems in the construction of the various architectural buildings. This particular engineering field deals in the construction of the new buildings and also in the renovation of the older buildings.

The engineer deals with the various systems which are implemented in the building and construction works such as the mechanical and electrical systems, energy conservation systems and the fire safety systems etc. The engineers work with the various construction and architectural companies to provide a wide range of architectural engineering services.

The architectural engineering services provided by the different agencies include the following:

  • Developing designs and blueprints for the buildings to be constructed
  • Designing and analyzing the heating, cooling and ventilation systems
  • Analyzing the building’s ability to withstand the external environmental impacts
  • Developing strategies for enhancing the energy efficiency within the buildings

For providing effective architectural engineering services, a good level of communication between the team members is really essential. An architectural engineer works in coordination with the other team members such as the building or site owner, project manager and, the operation and maintenance staffs. An effective flow of information between all the above members of a particular project ensures the buildup of a state of art architectural building.

Here are some of the important parameters that the engineers should consider while providing the architectural engineering services:

  • Safety: This is the most important aspect that the engineers should keep in mind while designing and drafting the buildings.
  • Budget: Every project has a predetermined budget. This helps in the proper selection of materials and proper implementation of the technical strategies. The engineers should be well aware of the budget at all times.
  • Sustainable design: The architects and the engineers should be flexible in their approach in order to develop high performance buildings with sustainable features.
  • Green building technology: The project team should undergo the required research in order to integrate the green building concepts into the building design projects.

Coordinated working environment and open communication helps in reducing the project expenses too. It also helps in reducing the chances of errors in any stage of the project. For example, through cooperative communication, a mechanical engineer can make the architectural engineer understand the impact of the mechanical systems on the building design in an easy way and vice versa.

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