Female Boxers — Michelle Rodriguez

Female Boxers — Michelle Rodriguez

  • Fast and Furious Star Michelle Rodriguez Goes Skydiving in Dubai

    Fast Furious Star Michelle Rodriguez Goes Skydiving Dubai

    photo: Skydive DubaiThe actress Michelle Rodriguez definitely lived up to the title of one of her films and lived Fast and Furious by jumping out of an... Read more

    The 22 april 2014 by   Diverdriver
  • Explosive New Poster for 'Machete Kills' Featuring Michelle Rodriguez

    Explosive Poster 'Machete Kills' Featuring Michelle Rodriguez

    Awesome new poster and the first trailer has been released for the upcoming action sequel, 'Machete Kills'. After checking out the poster of Sofia Vergara with... Read more

    The 31 may 2013 by   Nrjperera
  • Green Lantern Corps. Casting Call

    Green Lantern Corps. Casting Call

    For a while it seemed as though the biggest problem in the establishing of a DC Cinematic Universe to compete with Marvel was what to do with Green Lantern. Read more

    The 16 september 2015 by   House Of Geekery
  • After Raising $40M for the Environment, DiCaprio Heads off on Another Luxury...

    After Raising $40M Environment, DiCaprio Heads Another Luxury Yacht Vacay

    Leonardo DiCaprio raised over $40 million to help save the planet at an auction in Saint-Tropez, France, on Wednesday night. So how did he celebrate? All... Read more

    The 25 july 2015 by   Eowyn
  • Starry Mourning: An Homage to Malene Arpe

    Starry Mourning: Homage Malene Arpe

    Toronto Star entertainment writer Malene Arpe died suddenly last Thursday following a massive heart attack. She was 50. She was the voice of the Sunday Star's... Read more

    The 25 may 2015 by   Jennifervillamere
  • Furious 7

    Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, Kurt Russell, Jordanna Brewster, Lucas Black,... Read more

    The 07 may 2015 by   Sirmac2
  • Movie Review – Fast & Furious 7 (2015)

    Director: James Wan Stars: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Statham, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Kurt Russell,... Read more

    The 18 april 2015 by   Manofyesterday
  • Box Office: What Furious 7 Means for Hollywood’s Diversity Problem

    Office: What Furious Means Hollywood’s Diversity Problem

    Not nearly enough movies feature significant roles for women, but Hollywood is not sexist. Not nearly enough movies feature actors of color in leading roles, bu... Read more

    The 07 april 2015 by   Weminoredinfilm.com
  • The Fast and the Furious

    Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordanna Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, Rick Yune, Chad Lindberg, Matt Schulze, Johnny Strong, Ja Rule Directed By: Rob... Read more

    The 03 april 2015 by   Sirmac2
  • Fast & Furious 7 (2015)

    Fast Furious (2015)

    Director: James Wan Writer: Chris Morgan (Screenplay) Gary Scott Thompson (Characters) Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez,... Read more

    The 03 april 2015 by   Newguy
  • This Month’s Films (February 2015)

    This Month’s Films (February 2015)

    A look at the early years of boxer "Irish" Micky Ward and his brother who helped train him before going pro in the mid 1980s. Verdict: 8/10 Nelly (Felicity... Read more

    The 28 february 2015 by   Donnambr
  • Top 10 Movies and Shows Coming and Going From Netflix

    Movies Shows Coming Going From Netflix

    Each month, a block of films and TV shows leave Netflix Instant, and a block of films and shows come in. Here are 10 films and shows that are about to... Read more

    The 24 february 2015 by   Sirmac2
  • Cara Delevigne is the New Face of TAG Heuer

    Cara Delevigne Face Heuer

    What do you get when you mix one of the most famous super models on the planet with a respected luxury watch brand? Fireworks, is what TAG Heuer is hoping. Read more

    The 03 february 2015 by   Raymondleejewelers
  • The Expendables 3

    Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Wesley Snipes, Randy Couture, Kellan Lutz, Mel Gibson, Ronda Rousey, Antonio Banderas, Arnold... Read more

    The 22 december 2014 by   Sirmac2
  • The Fast and the Furiously in Love

    Fast Furiously Love

    It may sound ridiculous, but one of my favorite love stories of film is in The Fast and the Furious franchise. And it’s not pretty boy Paul Walker’s character... Read more

    The 17 december 2014 by   Akklemm
  • Top 5 Favourite Actresses

    Favourite Actresses

    Today we are looking at our favourite actresses. We have Mine, Simon Lists 5. Heather Graham 4. Jennifer Aniston 3. Zooey Deschanel 2. Emily Blunt 1. Jennifer... Read more

    The 13 november 2014 by   Newguy
  • WATCH: ‘Fast And Furious 7′ Trailer Released – Official Video

    WATCH: ‘Fast Furious Trailer Released Official Video

    It’s finally here. The official trailer for Fast and Furious 7 is out. Check it out above to see beloved Paul Walker in his final FF movie. Read more

    The 02 november 2014 by   Imorfy
  • #1,509. The Breed (2006)

    #1,509. Breed (2006)

    Directed By: Nicholas MastandreaStarring: Michelle Rodriguez, Oliver Hudson, Taryn ManningTag line: "They can smell your fear"Trivia: Michelle Rodriguez did a... Read more

    The 04 october 2014 by   Dvdinfatuation
  • Criminals & Misfits Forced to Become a Team? Warner Bros. Aims for Some Guardian...

    Criminals Misfits Forced Become Team? Warner Bros. Aims Some Guardians Galaxy Mojo with Live-Action Suicide Squad Movie

    Yesterday, I rented 14 different graphic novels from my local public library. 14! As I checked out, two pre-teens watched from the next line, looking at the pil... Read more

    The 20 september 2014 by   Weminoredinfilm.com
  • 20 Questions with Alex Ryder

    Questions with Alex Ryder

    Alex Ryder We’ve been talking a lot about country music lately but we want to be clear we are not a country blog.  Ottawa based musician, Alex Ryder, is far fro... Read more

    The 08 september 2014 by   Hendrik Pape
  • Avatar (2009)

    Avatar (2009)

    Director: James Cameron Writer: James Cameron (Screenplay) Starring: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, Giovanni... Read more

    The 17 august 2014 by   Newguy
  • Exclusive: Julius Baer Beach Polo Cup Dubai 2014

    Exclusive: Julius Baer Beach Polo Dubai 2014

    The showpiece two-day tournament, attended by almost 6,000, including stars of the international sporting sphere and the silver screen enjoyed the action. Read more

    The 23 april 2014 by   Rasha M.
  • The Uwe Boll Video Game to Movie Adaptions Pairing: BloodRayne

    Boll Video Game Movie Adaptions Pairing: BloodRayne

    Some will say Uwe Boll should never make another video game adaptation film. Others will say he should never make another film (seriously there was a Guardian U... Read more

    The 02 april 2014 by   Bolanrox
  • Style Faux Pas: BAFTAs 2014

    Style Faux Pas: BAFTAs 2014

    I loved the fashion and style on show at the BAFTAs 2014 red carpet (here) but here are the oh-so-questionable looks. Really what were they thinking? Enjoy! TL. Read more

    The 19 february 2014 by   Twynkleloves
  • Machete Kills (2013)

    Machete Kills (2013)

    Director: Robert Rodriguez Writer: Kyle Ward (Screenplay) Robert Rodriguez, Marcel Rodriguez (Story) Starring: Danny Trejo, Mel Gibson, Demian Bichir, Amber... Read more

    The 17 february 2014 by   Newguy
  • A-list Destinations with a Difference

    A-list Destinations with Difference

    There has been a lot of hype about the Caribbean island of Antigua recently, thanks to Nicole Scherzinger and the X Factor, so we thought we’d take a look at... Read more

    The 07 december 2013 by   Livingthedreamrtw
  • The Resident Evil Franchise [2002-2012]: from Alright to Being Weird

    Resident Evil Franchise [2002-2012]: from Alright Being Weird

    Okay, so I was having a little chat with my friend some days back about movies, movie reviews and about The Movie Geek’s Blog. Read more

    The 01 october 2013 by   Rukhaiyaaramrit
  • New 'Machete Kills' Red Band Trailer is Filled with Blood and Babes

    'Machete Kills' Band Trailer Filled with Blood Babes

    The second red band trailer for Machete Kills is now online and it packs a whole lot of gore, F-bombs, boob-quipped guns and super hot babes. Read more

    The 18 september 2013 by   Nrjperera
  • New Poster for 'Machete Kills' Features the Entire Gang

    Poster 'Machete Kills' Features Entire Gang

    Open Road Films has released the final and the most badass poster for the upcoming grindhouse-style sequel, Machete Kills featuring the entire gang of the... Read more

    The 09 september 2013 by   Nrjperera
  • Swimsuit Evolution In Film

    Swimsuit Evolution Film

    From Here to Eternity, 1953Censors demanded that Deborah Kerr's haltertop swimsuit include a skirt so as not to be too provocative. Read more

    The 02 july 2013 by   Koridonahue
  • New Video: Snoop Dogg Performs "Let The Bass Go" at "Turbo" Movie Launch

    You know how Snoop Dogg has become so successful? By remembering one important rule: it's all about the kids. You can try to be as hard, or as "gangster" as... Read more

    The 20 june 2013 by   Rticulate
  • Movie Review: ‘Fast & Furious 6′

    Movie Review: ‘Fast Furious

    It is almost hard to believe that we are up to the sixth installment of the Fast Furious franchise. But we are, and Fast Furious 6 is here and, as a big... Read more

    The 14 june 2013 by   House Of Geekery
  • …take Your Time

    …take Your Time

    I have to open with a disclaimer: I have not seen the first 5 Fast Furious movies (but I did read their synopses on Wikipedia). They’re simply not my kind of... Read more

    The 01 june 2013 by   Zer
  • Ex Norwegian - Crack

    Norwegian Crack

    So a new year and a new Ex Norwegian album “Crack” or the difficult fourth album, came out of nowhere in a week of diligent work. Read more

    The 29 may 2013 by   Ripplemusic
  • Fast and Furious 6: Loses Steam Midway

    Movie: Fast Furious 6Director: Justin LinCast: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Gina Carano, Luke Evans, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Jordana... Read more

    The 29 may 2013 by   Haricharanpudipeddi
  • Kristen Stewart Bonds with Taylor Swift After Splitting from Robert Pattinson

    Kristen Stewart Bonds with Taylor Swift After Splitting from Robert Pattinson

    Kristen Stewart in a scene from Welcome to the Rileys. (Photo: Samuel Goldwyn Films)-Kristen Stewart (photographed Monday night looking happy) is reportedly... Read more

    The 22 may 2013 by   Jenmcd
  • Not Much News and Not Much On...

    Much News On...

    The answer to Tuesday's Trivia Question: Ted Mosby was planning to move to Chicago during last weeks How I Met Your Mother season finale. FIRST... Read more

    The 22 may 2013 by   Kristy47
  • 'Machete Kills' Intros Boob Guns in Sofia Vergara's Character Poster

    'Machete Kills' Intros Boob Guns Sofia Vergara's Character Poster

    A new and a bit weird kind of a poster has surfaced for the upcoming action sequel, 'Machete Kills' featuring Sofia Vergara who plays as Desdemona in this film. Read more

    The 07 march 2013 by   Nrjperera
  • 8 Awesome Stills from Fast & Furious 6

    Awesome Stills from Fast Furious

    Fast & Furious Facebook page Dwayne Johnson As Luke Hobbs Dwayne Johnson and Gina Carano Luke Evans As Owen Shaw Ludachris Michelle Rodriguez As Letty Paul... Read more

    The 12 february 2013 by   Nrjperera
  • Uncensored Christopher Dorner Manifesto

    By Susan Duclos The manhunt for Christopher Dorner, who has promised to bring "warfare" to police and their families, continues. Read more

    The 08 february 2013 by   Susanduclos
  • Super Bowl Movie Trailer Round-Up

    Super Bowl Movie Trailer Round-Up

    The Super Bowl is the biggest annual sporting event on the planet with over 100 million viewers and because of that we get a handful of awesome teaser trailers... Read more

    The 04 february 2013 by   House Of Geekery
  • Film Review: Machete

    Film Review: Machete

    About Machete (2010)From director Robert Rodriguez (Grindhouse, Sin City) comes an action- packed, cutting-edge serving of carnage asada…with killer deleted... Read more

    The 24 january 2013 by   Donnambr
  • Resident Evil: Retribution (Paul W.S. Anderson, 2012)

    Resident Evil: Retribution (Paul W.S. Anderson, 2012)

    The Resident Evil movies have elevated the "It was all a dream" conceit into the longest-running Simpsons rake gag in cinema. In the series' expansion ever... Read more

    The 17 september 2012 by   Jake Cole
  • Movie Review: Resident Evil 5-Retribution(2012)

    Movie Review: Resident Evil 5-Retribution(2012)

    Resident Evil: Retribution The primary conflict in this very intense action/horror/fantasy movie is woman versus monster as Milla Jovovich again reprises her... Read more

    The 16 september 2012 by   Lucky
  • First Look at Milla Jovovich In Resident Evil Retribution

    First Look Milla Jovovich Resident Evil Retribution

    This badass photo of Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil Retribution was recently posted on her Facebook account. Revealing her awesome weapons set and the new... Read more

    The 10 august 2012 by   Nrjperera
  • Movie of the Day – Machete

    Movie Machete

    Danny Trejo is the baddest and toughest motherfucking Mexican alive. That’s it.Plot: Machete kills….everyone. . . . . Machete (Danny Trejo) is a former Mexican... Read more

    The 19 july 2012 by   Plotdevice39
  • Traveletter: Postcard from Cannes

    Traveletter: Postcard from Cannes

    Yachts in Cannes. Photo credit: jthornett http://flic.kr/p/H6jgk So, this weekend I was in Cannes for the Film Festival. Okay, fine that’s not strictly true; th... Read more

    The 28 may 2012 by   Periscope
  • Movie Review – Battleship

    Movie Review Battleship

    I remember playing Battleship with my dad not too long ago. I remember the elegance of the strategy needed to sink the opponents ships. Read more

    The 18 may 2012 by   Plotdevice39
  • Once Upon a Time Bosses Tease a ‘Severely Intense’ Finale (Featuring a Lost-Styl...

    “All magic has a price,” a certain imperious imp has oft told us — but has Once Upon a Time‘s young Henry paid the ultimate one? Read more

    The 09 may 2012 by   Bittersweet1975
  • Ryan Kwanten Cast as Boxer in Hands of Stone

    Ryan Kwanten Cast Boxer Hands Stone

    Ryan Kwanten at Elton John's 2012 AIDS Foundation Benefit Oscar Viewing Party/Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) will be staring i... Read more

    The 26 march 2012 by   Tbfansource
  • 11 Things About Mia

    Things About

    Wednesday, February 22, 2012 Michelle over at Radiant Brown Beauty tagged me in one of her posts recently. I had to do this for the longest while but I've been... Read more

    The 22 february 2012 by   Rockmefabulous
  • Argentina Elections 2011

    Argentina Elections 2011

    TweetThis October, Argentinians make use of their right to vote and elect a new (or re-elect the same) president. The re-election is something relatively new,... Read more

    The 17 september 2011 by   Expanishargentina