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French Film Artist Cleans BAFTAs, Confirms Oscar Frontrunner Status Paperblog Pick in Movies

French Film The Artist Cleans up at the BAFTAs, Confirms Oscar Frontrunner Status

The BAFTAs threw up very few surprises. In fact, some commentators found the results boringly predictable. Read more

Never Seen Sunday: Bloody Valentine (1981) Paperblog Pick in Movies

Never Seen It! Sunday: My Bloody Valentine (1981)

You know when someone asks if you’ve seen their favourite movie and say you seen “parts of it” because you don’t want to seem like a total pop culture pariah? Yeah, we do too—and... Read more


  • Quick Nostalgia Kick: The Iron Giant (1999)

    Quick Nostalgia Kick: Iron Giant (1999)

    (Ed. note: With all this talk of nostalgia, it seemed serendipitous to publish this quick rumination on a less seedy nostalgia. — Britta) “You are who you choos... Read more

    The 23 February 2012 by   Videowordmadefleshpublicist
  • The Bad Film Review - Me No Likey!

    Film Review Likey!

    While I write lovely, positive reviews for 'The Good Review' web site, I don't like everything I go and see.I don't want to not like a film. Read more

    The 15 February 2012 by   Alison
  • Directors Viewfinder

    Directors Viewfinder

    Hello friends, today i am going to deal with a small topic called directors view finder. What Is This Director’s Viewfinder And it’s Uses A director’s viewfinde... Read more

    The 08 February 2012 by   Nandu1985
  • Documentary of the Day – The Atomic Cafe

    Documentary Atomic Cafe

    I kind of wish that the media and defense departments of the US would go back to making these old style public service announcements. Read more

    The 03 February 2012 by   Plotdevice39
  • Profile: David Lynch

    Profile: David Lynch

    This week’s Profile post is on the enigmatic but brilliant David Lynch. He is one of America’s most valuable, important and unique directors. He has been... Read more

    The 08 February 2012 by   Tjatkinson
  • In Praise of The Artist

    Praise Artist

    Read more

    The 02 February 2012 by   Videowordmadefleshpublicist
  • The All-Time Favourites #8: Napoleon (1927)

    All-Time Favourites Napoleon (1927)

    Welcome to the All-Time Favourites Series. This series examines 25 of the greatest films I’ve ever seen, looking at them in depth with analyses of what makes... Read more

    The 09 February 2012 by   Tjatkinson
  • Official Trailer: ‘The Raid: Redemption’ – 20 Elite Cops Vs A Building Full of...

    Official Trailer: ‘The Raid: Redemption’ Elite Cops Building Full Criminals

    ‘The Raid: Redemption’ is the most talked about action film. Sony Pictures Classics has unveiled the new trailer of the film, which is directed by Gareth Evans... Read more

    The 24 February 2012 by   Cinesilver
  • Five Memorable Moments from the 2012 Oscars

    Five Memorable Moments from 2012 Oscars

    Sacha Baron Cohen on the red carpet, Oscars 2012 Some critics have slammed the 2012 Oscars as an all-round snooze-fest. “All that TV and film expertise, that... Read more

    The 27 February 2012 by   Periscope
  • Documentary of the Day – Dark Days

    Documentary Dark Days

    The thing I love most about documentaries is that intimate look at a society or culture that I have no connection with. I like seeing subcultures of life... Read more

    The 11 February 2012 by   Plotdevice39


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