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Directors Viewfinder

Posted on the 08 February 2012 by Nandu1985 @vivek_arumanda

Hello friends, today i am going to deal with a small topic called directors view finder. 

What Is This Director’s Viewfinder And it’s Uses

A director’s viewfinder  is a small instrument that helps a director to find different camera angles and shots  without a movie camera thus help a director  to plan his shots with less work to do. This small instrument just looks

Director's Viewfinder
like a monocular, very small and easy  to carry, with the help of this small device one can able to find most of the angles which  are only possible with a movie camera..but carrying a camera is a painful thing. Since this is a very portable device anyone can easily carry to any place. This director’s viewfinder helps in planning shots in a easy manner.


In olden days, camera’s use to be too big and heavy to automatically carrying those camera’s will be a hectic task…thus this small device was found for planning the shots.


i don’t know where we can buy these director's viewfinder in India,but one of the director from Tolloywood told me that one can find director’s viewfinder in Chennai..don’t know the exact location..if anyone of you know about this please try to share the concept and availability.Hope this article helped you all..any comments are welcomed..either good or bad please try to give a feedback..

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