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  • Slugs in the Garden

    Slugs Garden

    Have you been in the garden today? You might have noticed that the slugs have been in the garden too. This is the time of year when the push of fresh young... Read more

    The 04 May 2014 by   Plantedd
  • Dance with the One That Brung Ya

    Dance with That Brung

    I have a ritual each winter where I review all of my plant photos from the prior gardening year as a means to not only escape the winter doldrums, but also as... Read more

    The 15 May 2014 by   John Markowski
  • Blooming Happiness

    Blooming Happiness

    Today we are switching over to some of the blue/lavender blooms that the spring delights us with. A floral arrangement designed with spirea branches,... Read more

    The 21 May 2014 by   Botanicart
  • Sweet Staycation in Suburbia

    Sweet Staycation Suburbia

    This is the week that we usually go to Cornwall but we decided to stay at home instead, have a staycation. Both of us felt that we ought to stay this week, to... Read more

    The 07 May 2014 by   Alternativeeden
  • Cozy Bay Sicilia Dining Sets

    Cozy Sicilia Dining Sets

    The Sicilia dining set range from Cozy Bay, is the perfect choice for stylishly dining alfresco this summer.  It comes in either the 4 seater, or 6 seater... Read more

    The 14 May 2014 by   Matt From Sgc
  • End of Month View – May 2014

    Month View 2014

    Due to the amount of rain and cool temperatures we have had in recent weeks the plants in the Cottage and Big Border have grown quite big and lush but the... Read more

    The 30 May 2014 by   Patientgardener
  • Hot Pods & Blooms

    Pods Blooms

    There is always a time for a Bromeliad to shine and this time it's Billbergia pyramidalis's turn to take centre stage :-) I noticed the bloom even when it peepe... Read more

    The 31 May 2014 by   Stephanie
  • Wheelbarrow Planter

    Wheelbarrow Planter

    I’m always keeping my eyes open for different containers to grow crops in. Recently I’ve come across a couple of old wheelbarrows; abandoned and rusty, they... Read more

    The 20 May 2014 by   Spadeforkspoon
  • Disorderly Conduct

    Disorderly Conduct

    I know as a grower of cut flowers I'm supposed to grow in rows. But while my back garden provides most of my flowers, I'm still primarily a gardener and a garde... Read more

    The 01 May 2014 by   Tuckshopgardener
  • Vaccinium Corymbosum

    Vaccinium Corymbosum

    (19/04/2014, Kew Gardens, London)Position: Full sun to partial shadeFlowering period: Late springSoil: Moist, well drainedEventual Height: 2.5mEventual Spread:... Read more

    The 07 May 2014 by   Davis Landscape Architecture


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