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  • Happy Rx // Five Minutes with Garance Dore

    Happy Five Minutes with Garance Dore

    So I've ranted and raved about Garance Dore's visit in Dallas, and finally here is the post! I really wanted to share because Garance is such an inspiration. Sh... Read more

    The 01 November 2012 by   Styleofsam
  • Blonde Vs Brown Hair

    Blonde Brown Hair

     Hey guys, So if you follow me on twitter or facebook you may have seen I've been pondering hair colours this week. I'm no stranger to hair dye, I've even had... Read more

    The 16 November 2012 by   Kerysmarie
  • Once Upon A Time: Meena Kumari

    Once Upon Time: Meena Kumari

    Jennifer via I know, right? is back on the blog today with her second post in the series - Once Upon a Time. And we both would like to thank you all for... Read more

    The 06 November 2012 by   Tanvi Rastogi
  • Outfit: Boho Chic Kind of a Day

    Outfit: Boho Chic Kind

    This is my sweatsuit alternative, seriously one of the most cozy outfits I own! Here is how I styled myself for a day at home with a quick trip to my sons schoo... Read more

    The 21 November 2012 by   Stilettosanddiaperbags
  • Tips and Tricks on Caring for Leather Handbags

    Tips Tricks Caring Leather Handbags

    The leather bag that you bought from the latest collection of genuine French spring bags is so expensive that you decided that you must use it properly to ensur... Read more

    The 27 November 2012 by   Clarissa17
  • Diy Stamping Earrings

    Stamping Earrings

    Still inspired by the baroque trend (I promise, next week I’ll do something else) I made these DIY stamping earrings a while ago and thought I’d share the DIY... Read more

    The 25 November 2012 by   Elliefrost
  • A Wonderful Charlie Chaplin Quotation from Morgane

    Wonderful Charlie Chaplin Quotation from Morgane

    I wanted to share this wonderful quote by Charlie Chaplin that my sweet daughter Morgane shared with me that I wish to share with all of you... Read more

    The 24 November 2012 by   Benjaminkanarek
  • Scalloped, Saree, Diwali, San Antonio

    Scalloped, Saree, Diwali, Antonio

    Yesterday, Crazy Co. participated at the San Antonio Diwali Mela, that I had mentioned about last week. The turn out was phenomenal with over 10,000 people. Read more

    The 04 November 2012 by   Tanvi Rastogi
  • Classic + Classic = Cool: Dr. Martens X Pendleton Black Noir Boot

    Classic Cool: Martens Pendleton Black Noir Boot

    Dr. Martens X Pendleton Black Noir BootIt has to be known by now that colliding staples can produce wonderful collaborations. Dr. Read more

    The 08 November 2012 by   Dynelle Skinner
  • Shoes for Less – Metallic Platform Pumps

    Shoes Less Metallic Platform Pumps

    A pair of black pumps is a must-have for every woman out there. Treat it as your bestfriend because sooner or later you’ll know that very pair can partake a rol... Read more

    The 05 November 2012 by   Wickedying


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