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Green Tea Extract for Weight Loss

There is lastly a particular effortless method to aid using the pressures of weight loss. Green tea extract continues to be established in studies it increases thermo genesis and... Read more

Paperblog Pick in Diet & Weight

Just How Important Is Protein in Your Diet?

Protein is an essential part of your diet, so make sure that you get enough of it from healthy sources every day. Healthy sources for protein include meat, fish and poultry. Read more


  • Guest Post on Five Tips To Choose Your Gym Wear

    Guest Post Five Tips Choose Your Wear

    Once a workout is complete, you are usually exhausted; sore but feeling great for working out! There are many benefits to exercise and most people who work out... Read more

    The 20 November 2012 by   Screwnicolas
  • Raw Food Diet Results Before and After

    Food Diet Results Before After

    Raw food diet refers to food that is eaten without cooking. Although it doesn’t mean that each and everything you eat is completely uncooked. Read more

    The 01 November 2012 by   Screwnicolas
  • Weight Loss Through Acupuncture

    Weight Loss Through Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese method to treat many human ailments since long time. This treatment process is completely different from the modern... Read more

    The 08 November 2012 by   Screwnicolas
  • Green Tea: Miracle Drink to Aid Your Low-carb Diet

    Green Tea: Miracle Drink Your Low-carb Diet

    Green tea has a solid reputation as a healthy drink. Unlike many products that are misrepresented as beneficial (sugar-loaded fruit juices, anyone?), green tea... Read more

    The 18 November 2012 by   Carbophobic
  • Taboo Tuesday: Too Fat?

    Taboo Tuesday: Fat?

    There is a level of fatness that is acceptable in our society.  The average size of a woman is a 14/16 which is mostly accepted.  Men can carry around quite a... Read more

    The 06 November 2012 by   Healthhungry
  • Dessert Ideas for Atkins Induction Phase

    Dessert Ideas Atkins Induction Phase

    Atkins Induction is the first stage of Atkins, designed to break addictions to sugary foods and reset your metabolism. As is the case with any addiction, the... Read more

    The 10 November 2012 by   Carbophobic
  • Five Mistakes To Avoid In Muscle Building

    Five Mistakes Avoid Muscle Building

    Muscle building is a physical practice that many people around the world participate in. from body builders to those who just want to tone their bodies, muscle... Read more

    The 27 November 2012 by   Screwnicolas
  • MRM Turbo Driven Review w/ Video

    Turbo Driven Review Video

    MRM Turbo Driven Pre Workout review. This is a newer supplement from MRM (Metabolic Response Modifiers). I applied for the supplement promotion on bodybuilding... Read more

    The 04 November 2012 by   Nuwave
  • Easy Almond Flour Chocolate Biscuits

    Easy Almond Flour Chocolate Biscuits

    This recipe is very quick and easy, using almond flour and Truvia instead of traditional baking ingredients. As always, the biscuits are low-carb, sugar-free an... Read more

    The 25 November 2012 by   Carbophobic
  • Why “What Would Batman Eat ” is the Key to Obesity ?

    “What Would Batman Obesity

    It has been known by marketers and advertisers that they can make their junk food appealing to children by associating them with their favourite cartoon... Read more

    The 13 November 2012 by   Soumyadeepb

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