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  • There is an End!

    There End!

    !! Sometimes hope is nothing but unfulfilled dreams; Dreams – hardwired yearnings over time, Achievement – It never rhyme, Fulfil only when you are at your... Read more

    The 18 December 2012 by   Shamsud
  • Italian from His Head to the Fingers of His Feet

    Italian from Head Fingers Feet

    My bilingual four-year-old is starting to understand when to use each of his languages – some form of English with his dad (“Can me put me pants under me undies? Read more

    The 18 December 2012 by   Heddigoodrich
  • Christmas at the Americana Manhasset

    Christmas Americana Manhasset

    these lights really caught my eye as I was driving past the americana manhasset strip mall earlier today - so much so I pulled into the parking lot in order to... Read more

    The 17 December 2012 by   Lily Hydrangea
  • Nine Hours

    Nine Hours

    I totally cheated on my boyfriend, hardcore, today.Again.…I dunno if it’s worse and counts for more by the “day” or by the “event” or by the separation of the... Read more

    The 17 December 2012 by   Shewritesalittle
  • No Partridge, No Pear Tree, But We Do Have Birds, Trees, And A Famous Saint

    Partridge, Pear Tree, Have Birds, Trees, Famous Saint

    I’ve been doing a Christmas cover illustration for editor Eric Meisfjord and the Inland Register for quite a few years now. I always look forward to it. Read more

    The 16 December 2012 by   Mrstrongest
  • Poet of the Week: Tracy K. Smith

    Poet Week: Tracy Smith

    I stumbled upon Tracy K. Smith this weekend, in my Internet wanderings. (That previous... Read more

    The 10 December 2012 by   Briennewalsh
  • The First Snow

    First Snow

    The magical first snow of the season has finally begun. White streaks are falling from the gray night sky, glistening in the glow of the street lights. The hazy... Read more

    The 09 December 2012 by   Eriktiger
  • Hurray for Heroes.

    Hurray Heroes.

    when i was in high school, we had to pick and write about our personal heroes. it was a step in a larger process in understanding homer’s odyessy and the... Read more

    The 09 December 2012 by   Loveknobbyknees
  • Food Nightmares

    Food Nightmares

    This is a real thing.…I didn’t know it before, but even food can be terrifying…like for realsies…cuz I completely tore my bedding apart with thrashing and woke... Read more

    The 06 December 2012 by   Shewritesalittle
  • Words, Words, Words

    Words, Words

    Back to hitting lines again.  Didn’t I just finish that? …Also, I’ve lost my recorder.  I mean “lost” lost it…as in I’ve torn apart my house, my office, the... Read more

    The 06 December 2012 by   Shewritesalittle

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