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  • Isolation


    I look around,And all I see is,ISOLATION,You look at people's faces,They seem to be all,HOSTILE.You approach one of them,And he looks at you... Read more

    The 03 February 2013 by   Fizz
  • Reflections - January Challenges

    Reflections January Challenges

    It has been a month full of posts as part of the Ultimate Blog challenge, and I hope you have found some thing to inspire you. Read more

    The 31 January 2013 by   Realityarts
  • New Project


    There are quite a few of you out there who will already be aware of my latest project, particularly those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter But for... Read more

    The 31 January 2013 by   Karl
  • Cupcakes for Congress?

    Cupcakes Congress?

    Cupcake MojoI am here to tell you that there is a lot of Christian  radio in this country.  Despite the fact that I am a marginal driver—on a good day—I seem... Read more

    The 31 January 2013 by   Wendyrw619
  • Two Minutes, & A Title Card

    Minutes, Title Card

    So I’ve an audition next Monday, the day after closing…and its the first time I’ve had to do the full process with a monologue et al, in about forever. Read more

    The 30 January 2013 by   Shewritesalittle
  • What Good Does That Do?

    What Good Does That

    I Love you,More than I can ever hate you,But what good does that do,Cause you still are not by my side.I thought I could get over you,Move on away,And search... Read more

    The 30 January 2013 by   Fizz
  • Contentious


    Whose land is these? When do we die? Who survived the flood? Who coloured your blood? Who decided the last rites? Whose doctrine? Whose verse? Who decided the... Read more

    The 29 January 2013 by   Shamsud
  • I’m Giving You Just 8 Chances To Find The Right Word

    Giving Just Chances Find Right Word

    I have a friend who’s almost as crazy as I am– and that’s saying something. His name’s Dave Beffa-Negrini. He creates custom, hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles. Yo... Read more

    The 29 January 2013 by   Mrstrongest
  • Don’t Stupid Believing Unless Your Dream is Stupid.

    Don’t Stupid Believing Unless Your Dream Stupid.

    when you were five years old, no doubt some nosy grown-up once asked you “what do you want to be when you grow up?” what did you say?that answer, whatever you... Read more

    The 29 January 2013 by   Loveknobbyknees
  • Borrowed Inspiration for Your Week: The Last of the Star Trekkie Stitch, the...

    Borrowed Inspiration Your Week: Last Star Trekkie Stitch, World’s Greatest Re-imagined Detective, Getting Back Track

    Good morning bloggers, hope you had a good weekend and your new week is starting off with a bang.  I finally got all the threads I needed for my HAED project... Read more

    The 28 January 2013 by   Crossstitchyourheart

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