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You and Me

By Kira5485 @hamza_anas5

You and Me
Your faith walks on broken glass,
Your silence haunts the shattered past
Now you know it was never meant to last
It could have been worst, it could have been fast- the torment that broke you apart
You were blinded by,
a fools ideology; 'A New Start'-
A veil that masked your better half,
A veil put on in most desperate hours,
That hid your scars and shone them like stars-
Stars that shone the faintest of gleams,
In crux of needs and times extreme
Insecurity at its max, a faith that needed to redeem
Because you lied all this while as the truth smiled,
ahead of you as your destiny
One molded by the three witches and their eye, a point where fate curses destiny
In the middle of despair, helplessness and irony
Came along Me, to lead you along,
towards ecstasy
And the wind played strong the sun burned bright, but our fire was one that burned greater then the brightest ball of light
Because when its You and Me
Your envy is set free
In the flames of your fright
Our fears shall ignite
And we shall fly past our destiny,
Wild and free towards ecstasy,
And when its You and Me,
We are destined to live,
beyond the shattered past
And gather our faith that once walked on broken glass.

Co-author: Joji Nafees Khan

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