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  • How Do You Define Brandable?

    Define Brandable?

    There seems to be a never ending array of domain investors looking for “brandable” names. One of the dominant themes of domain wanted threads on Namepros. Read more

    The 22 October 2018 by   Worldwide
  • 8 Key Skill Sets Required For Success In Your Startup

    Skill Sets Required Success Your Startup

    In my experience in large businesses as well as years of advising startups, I see far too much focus on product skills, and too little on people and process... Read more

    The 20 October 2018 by   Martin Zwilling
  • How Much Money Can You Make From Forex Trading?

    Much Money Make From Forex Trading?

    Forex trading has been gaining ground recently, and many investors even like it more than stocks or mutual funds. One reason for this is it has an incredibly... Read more

    The 19 October 2018 by   Harshil Barot
  • 11 Quick Tips For Launching a New Business

    Quick Tips Launching Business

    I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit; in fact, I've encouraged that go-for-it spirit into my kids- my tween daughter thought of, launched and is... Read more

    The 19 October 2018 by   Ncrimaldi
  • Sedo Weekly Sales Led by Two 6 Figure Sales

    Sedo released their weekly sales and the top sale was at 220,000 Euros, ($254,678). The Romanian extension doesn’t get many big sales, and it was not... Read more

    The 16 October 2018 by   Worldwide
  • How The UK Courts Could Become More Fair

    Mid October saw the widely-reported news that the Supreme Court backed a Northern Ireland-based bakery in refusing to bake a gay marriage cake. Read more

    The 15 October 2018 by   Mountain Publishing
  • NameJet Adjusting Incremental Bid Amounts on Pending Delete Names

    NameJet Adjusting Incremental Amounts Pending Delete Names

    NameJet sent out an email that they will be changing the incremental bid amounts on pending delete auctions. Incremental Bid Announcement For Pending Delete... Read more

    The 11 October 2018 by   Worldwide
  • How to Host the Best Halloween Party

    With fallen leaves, stormy nights, and chilled winds, we are in the midst of Fall, and that means that Halloween is just around the corner. Read more

    The 11 October 2018 by   Mountain Publishing
  • What to Wear With Your Little White Dress

    “White lace” conjures up visions of Kate Middleton floating down the aisle to marry her literal prince. But for the rest of us, it can be a tricky style to... Read more

    The 10 October 2018 by   Mountain Publishing
  • So Long Google +

    Say goodbye to your Google+ account. I know you probably did that a long time ago but Google is making it official. Note this Google+ for consumers only. Read more

    The 08 October 2018 by   Worldwide