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What is Stress And The Most Effective Way to De-stress?

By Adityasam @foralitelife

 When Push Comes to Shove Stress, they say, is intended to ensure that one grows and develops for the better. Or better yet said, when one asks “What is stress?”, it is that incident which FORCES one to grow and develop.
Stress is the one that “pushes” us to utilize all of our capabilities in order for us to survive and surpass all obstacles. In the process, the skills that we used to overcome these stressors will now be harnessed and developed.
Stress could even make one be more focused on the task at hand and result to a product that is much better and devoid of any rough edges if one is placed under stress. As the saying goes, a nail needs to be hammered so that it would dig into the wood. The harder the hammering, the deeper the burying, so they say.
When push comes to shove, Stress, however, once prolonged and never deciphered appropriately and resolved consequently can cause more harm. Though stress can stimulate the release of hormones that would be helpful in the conquering the unfortunate events thus, are helpful, can also be the same reason that can lead to the detriment of the person suffering from stress.
Blood pressure might shoot up, heart beat can race really fast, sugar level increase beyond maximum, and even the capability to think reasonably may be compromised.
Thus, there is always a need to reduce the amount of stress that one is suffering from. The question after “What is stress” is, of course, “Among the current stress management tips, what is the best stress reduction tip that is applicable to all and very effective?”

First thing to do is to determine the cause of the stress. Is it the job that you currently hold or people that you work with? Is it the lack of financial stability or the excess of things that require managing of your time, energy and effort? Is it the person you are presently with or the best one that got away?

Regardless of whatever the cause of the stress is, one should be able to determine it and to place them on the proper perspective. Does it need one’s time for resolution, or would it be fine to just leave it behind as of now and face it once one is ready to do so? If it is urgent and requires immediate attention, then deal with it. Pronto!

When push comes to shove

Stress Actually Enlivens Relationships and Communication

A lot of books can tell you of the best ways of dealing with stress. From the very simple “breathing in through your nose and exhale through the mouth” to a more expensive Yoga and other meditation techniques, they are all available. One can even research on it from the internet and the information is readily available to have, though the effectiveness is not and never assured.
One thing is sure, though. Though there are a lot of techniques available for everyone to deal with stress, nothing can deny the advantage of a warm blooded, empathic, and immediately responds to one’s whine and cry.
What is stress, then? Stress, though, it forces one to survive, but it also enlivens the communication and connection between two individuals.
Let me hear your thoughts...
What have you identified as your major source of stress? Was it difficult? Which methods do you follow to reduce and manage stress?
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