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6 Healthier Alternatives to Cigarette Smoking

By Adityasam @foralitelife
Toothbrush, toothpick or just cigarette substitute Just about everyone has heard the warnings from the surgeon general on the dangers of cigarette smoking.
With evidence supporting these claims, it has become a priority for many to find effective ways to quit smoking or find a healthier alternative. After all, no one wants to die prematurely of lung cancer or suffer the ill effects that smoking can cause.
While it may seem like a challenge to find cigarette substitutes or effective methods of quitting, there are new innovations springing up constantly.
Seems interesting, doesn't it? Let me tell you what they are right away!

What are the Best Cigarette Substitutes?

Nicotine replacement therapies are often effective for many individuals and highly recommended by physicians for patients who do not want to quit “cold turkey”.
A nicotine tobacco patch is said to help reduce the urge for cigarettes and may help you to quit smoking completely after a period of time.
These patches are widely available at pharmacies everywhere, without the necessity of a prescription. Yay!
Additionally, nicotine gum may also keep cravings for cigarettes at bay.
All you have to do is simply pop a piece of nicotine chewing gum in your mouth whenever the cravings for cigarettes strikes.
This cigarette alternative can also be purchased without a prescription at most pharmacies. The benefit of using one of these cigarette substitutes is that you will receive the nicotine he or she craves, without the damaging affect.
One other alternative for some smokers who wish to quit the habit is the use of electronic cigarettes. Powered by batteries, the e-cigarette delivers nicotine in a vaporous form without lighting up. It is said that electronic cigarettes do not carry the carcinogens that traditional cigarettes do.
Here's how electronic cigarettes work;

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work

That certainly should explain it...

Trading off for Healthier Habits

Health experts concur that keeping physically fit through regular exercise can be beneficial when trying to quit cigarette smoking.
Remaining physically active not only offers cardiovascular benefits, it releases “happy” endorphins for a sense of well being.
A great stress reliever, a routine exercise program can reduce anxiety and nervousness when you are attempting to kick the cigarette habit. This is a great bonus for many; keeping physically fit and losing weight while reducing the stress that may accompany nicotine withdrawal.
Doing something constructive or enjoyable with your hands in place of smoking is another healthy alternative (LOL!).
It is amazing how many hobbies can be enjoyed using your hands. Sewing, drawing, painting, carpentry and many more activities! Anything pastime that is fulfilling and enjoyable can make one forget his or her cigarette cravings in a matter of time.
Water is essential to life, and new studies show that staying adequately hydrated by consuming adequate amounts of liquids each day can help eliminate the toxicity caused by cigarette smoking.
While some might not consider water an alternative to smoking, it certainly can help you cleanse and detoxify as you attempt to quit.
Yoga with meditation is another healthy habit that can be an effective substitute for cigarette smoking. Just as exercise induces well being by releasing those beneficial endorphins in your brain, yoga and deep meditation can be a great alternative to smoking by retraining how the brain thinks.

And the List Goes On...

For those looking for yet more alternatives to cigarette smoking, they may consider the use of organic flavored toothpicks. Buy these nicotine alternatives online in various flavors.
To calm cigarette cravings and satisfy a sweet tooth, dark chocolate might be the solution. That semi sweet or dark chocolate candy bar releases the same chemical in the brain that gives one a feeling of euphoria, much the same as nicotine does.

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Dark chocolate cupcakes - They give you the exact same feeling as a normal cigarette does, causes release of endorphins, just like a cigarette does but do not have carcinogens of a cigarette. It's great, you should try this!

In conclusion, smoking cessation may not be the easiest challenge to conquer, but finding the best solution and alternative that works for you is half the battle.

Summing up...

Long story short, here the 6 healthy alternatives to cigarette smoking;
  1. Nicotine Therapies
  2. Nicotine Chewing Gum (Do you know Nicorette?)
  3. Regular Exercise
  4. Yoga and Meditation
  5. Electronic Cigarettes
  6. Sweet or Dark Chocolate
Your Thoughts?
Quitting smoking can be a very tough job. Kicking the habit right away is impossible. Beginning with small steps can get you on the right track and the above mentioned alternatives can help you come a long way. Do you agree? Have I missed out on any other healthier alternatives? Let me know...
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Sean Aviles is a freelance writer and self-proclaimed cigar aficionado. Some situations do not allow him to smoke his beloved cigar, therefore he has been caught smoking e-cigs from time to time.
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6 Healthier Alternatives to Cigarette Smoking
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