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How to Combine Your Diet with Running for Super Fast Weight Loss

By Adityasam @foralitelife
Jogging Do you know, Weight loss is 90% Mental Effort and just 10% physical?
I mean everyone can run, jog, lift weights, follow a diet but most of them just don’t have the motivation.
Remember this; Running on a consistent basis is key for longer term weight loss success.
So this post will give you a heads up just to kick up your motivation and enthusiasm and the perfect way to combine running and a proper diet into a powerful weight loss ‘weapon’.
Firstly, to keep performance levels soaring high, you need to make sure your diet is providing the crucial fuel to keep your health in-check and boost your running experience.
As a result, if you’re looking to keep those pounds off for good without sacrificing energy and performance, here are some practical and super-effective diet guidelines that can help.

Eat Regular Meals

To keep your energy levels constant throughout the day, you need to establish a regular eating pattern.
Skipping meals won’t accelerate your weight loss result.
Right on the contrary, doing so will leave you feeling fatigued, dizzy and more likely to overeat on your next meal. Therefore, make sure to eat your breakfast, and to consume four to five small meals, 4-5 hours apart.

Eat At the Right Time

When it comes to keeping your body well fueled on the run, timing is critical.
Pre-run meals should be consumed two to three hours prior to the workout. Doing so gives your digestive system ample time to assimilate and take in the energy.
During the recovery window – the hour following a run – you need to replenish your energy tanks and boost muscle repair. According to research, taking carbohydrates and protein together yields greater recovery results.

Shed Weight with Protein

As you know, protein is critical for muscle repair and proper recovery, but it can also help you suppress appetite by keeping hunger pangs at bay.
Researchers at the Cambridge University and The University of Sydney found that people who ate a daily diet comprising of fifteen percent protein consumed less calories protein - 1036 fewer calories over four days - than those whose diet is ten percent. Amazing, right?!

Soy beans protein

Soybeans can be a great source of protein with all the essential amino acids, making it a 'complete protein'

Ditch the Diet Coke

Diet cokes are popular but don’t let the label fool you.
Research from Yale University found that diet drinks can actually hinder weight loss by making you crave sugary foods.
These drinks are usually full with artificial sweeteners (thank me for the heads up in the comments section below), such as aspartame and saccharin, which boost blood sugar levels thus increasing your desire for unhealthy snacking and the likelihood of overeating.

Banish the Booze

You may like your beer, but in excess it can wreak havoc on your weight loss and training performance. I mean, once your weight loss plan isn’t working because of the booze, your motivation will hit an all-time low. Banish it!
According to a Swedish study published in the journal Obesity, consuming alcohol boosts cortisol levels and diminishes testosterone in men, thus leading to an accumulation of abdominal fat.
Not only that, researchers at the University of Helsinki found that alcohol hinders post-workout recovery by cutting the delivery of fatty acids and carbohydrates for the body.

Lastly, Make It Consistent

Though the above eating guidelines can help you lose the pounds for good, what makes the difference is consistent action.
In other words, you need to implement what you’ve just learned on a regular basis – at least up to the point where you start getting the desired results.
To be consistent with your running weight loss program, you need to take small steps, think baby steps. Seek incremental progress, not perfection, as the famous alcoholic anonymous saying goes.
What Say?
That’s it for now. I hope this certainly got your motivation up and running and maybe you never knew combining a diet with running can speed up your weight loss. Let me hear your thoughts and I particularly want to know these;
  1. Have you been drinking booze though you were following a separate weight loss programme?
  2. Do you eat regularly and at the right time?
  3. Were you or are you still getting fooled about that Diet Coke thing?
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How to Combine Your Diet with Running for Super Fast Weight Loss
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