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8 Little Things To Keep You in Good Shape

By Adityasam @foralitelife
walking down the stairs Diet and exercise are the most effective ways for shedding some weight and to stay fit – that’s why, a lot of people are discouraged to make the effort when they think about it.
Most people just love eating and others are too skeptical about physical exercises. This is probably the reason why some people don’t mind going under the knife to get rid of the flabs.
However, when you are still in your late 20’s to early 30’s and your weight is still proportional to your height - try maintaining it by incorporating simple practices into your lifestyle.
Don’t get me wrong – the following tips are also applicable to the older ones so as not to worsen the problem:
  1. Drink lots of water first thing in the morning when you wake up. This is to replenish your body with the fluid loss. You will also eat right and comparatively less when your stomach has enough water for the day.

  2. Sit down at the edge of your bed and make sure that both of your feet are placed together on the floor parallel to each other.
    Put your palms on your knees. Lower your chin and straighten your body. Inhale for 5 counts and exhale slowly. Do this for at least 10 times. This is to enhance your blood circulation and allow oxygenation. Perfect!

  3. Stand up and with the same position of the feet, chin and back – put your hands together and stretch up with hands facing up.
    Go back to the original position slowly at the count of 5.
    Do this for 3 times and add variations while bending up when the hands are stretched up for another 2 counts. Bring your body to twist on the left with face looking left as well and also to the right with face facing right and repeat as long as you enjoy it.

  4. Drink more water before your first meal and make sure to wait for 30 minutes before drinking water again after every meal.
    This is to prevent your stomach from being bloated. Carbohydrates will expand massively when exposed to water (whoa, we never knew that, did we?).

  5. Divide the portion of your regular meal and eat frequently or add small snacks in between meals.
    You can indulge however if you have salads, fruits or nuts for snacks. The idea is not to burden your digestive system with loads of foods in one go. You will digest better when you eat in small portions.

  6. If you are staying at home, use your household errands as your exercise by making exaggerated moves - for example when wiping the windows and furnishings. At work, you can use the steps or make it a point to walk even just for short distance.

  7. Do not eat very late dinners especially an hour before bed time. You won’t have a good sleep when your body is working when it’s time for nature to heal the damaged body cells.

  8. Do the breathing exercise again when you are ready to go to sleep but this time, pay attention on your inhaling and exhaling routines. This will help you to concentrate and eventually relax.
Your thoughts?
If you are into yoga like me, you will surely understand the fundamentals of the suggestions above. You might want to read more about the Benefits and Tips to Practice Mantra Meditation to understand better. This routine is for you if you are a jetsetter or always on the go - especially when you are facing one of the toughest challenges in your life, like starting a new family. When wellness is a problem, always explore for natural treatments.
People always fall for the myth that keeping themselves in good shape in this modern and fast-paced lifestyle is really tough. Well, it doesn't seem so at least now, don't you think? 8 really little things to keep you in good shape? Do you agree, let me know?
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Elena Grace FloresA personality development mentor and health enthusiast advocating for wellness awareness through online exposures. Believes in the saying: A life lived for others is a life worth living! You can visit her website here
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8 Little Things To Keep You in Good Shape
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