• The Closed Loop

    In an ideal, sustainable world, every house is essentially a “closed loop”. I use the phrase “closed loop” meaning that the input = the output. In a closed ecological system, any waste produced is consumed by another species. The Closed Loop is a blog where I share my experiments and thoughts as a designer on how to live a Closed Loop lifestyle.


  • Mobile Terrarium Mask

    Mobile Terrarium Mask

    Created this conceptual product for the Southern Design Concern/Model Citizens Show during NYC Design Week. The theme for the show was “Design for the End of th... Read more

    Posted on 22 May 2012 ART & DESIGN
  • CEO for Change Launch Party + Video!

    Change Launch Party Video!

    Thanks to everyone who came out to the CEO for Change Launch party this past Saturday at People of Resource. I got a lot of great advice from design... Read more

    Posted on 17 October 2011 ART & DESIGN
  • Contributing Writer for Crisp Green

    Contributing Writer Crisp Green

    Hey all! I’ve lived in the South for 5 years and I still refuse to say “y’all” I recently got a new position as a contributing writer for an environmental blog... Read more

    Posted on 10 October 2011 ART & DESIGN
  • CEO Photos


    I’ve been going around Atlanta taking photos of people who I consider to be CEOs for Change. People who really push industrial design in their respective fields. Read more

    Posted on 30 September 2011 ART & DESIGN
  • CEO for Change


    This side project I’ve been working on for the past few months is finally materializing! Read more about it below. There will be a Launch Party in Atlanta in a... Read more

    Posted on 30 September 2011 ART & DESIGN
  • Unplug Prototype: Round 2!

    Unplug Prototype: Round

    This past Saturday I had a particularly productive afternoon watching Harry Potter and drawing a Solidworks model of my Unplug socket covers. Read more

    Posted on 20 July 2011 ART & DESIGN
  • Southern Design Concern: Fixed

    Southern Design Concern: Fixed

    Hey all! I’ve lived in Atlanta for about 5 years and I still refuse to say “yall” Sorry for this delayed post. Here is a photo I took of my “Unplug” prototypes... Read more

    Posted on 18 July 2011 ART & DESIGN
  • The Southern Design Concern: Fixed

    Southern Design Concern: Fixed

    The Southern Design Concern is a loose collective of designers who are from or currently working in the American South. Their mission is to bring attention to... Read more

    Posted on 10 June 2011 ART & DESIGN
  • Unplug – Environmental Outlet Covers

    Unplug Environmental Outlet Covers

    Photographs courtesy of the lovely Lori Bailey; a very talented designer and a studio buddy of mine from Georgia Tech .Description – Sometimes it seems like... Read more

    Posted on 03 June 2011 ART & DESIGN
  • Unplug… Preview.

    Unplug… Preview.

    Sometimes it seems like electricity is the magic juice that powers our electronic devices every time we plug them in. These are outlet protectors for the... Read more

    Posted on 01 June 2011 ART & DESIGN
  • Unplug!


    Update on my “environmental socket protector” concept — here is a paper prototype of what one set (two covers) would look like.I am working on getting a few of... Read more

    Posted on 25 May 2011 ART & DESIGN
  • Where Does Electricity Come from Again?

    Where Does Electricity Come from Again?

    Oh yeah, power plants.Sometimes I forget that while constantly plugging in and out of outlets. I’m in the process of designing socket protectors… but... Read more

    Posted on 14 May 2011 ART & DESIGN
  • Pop-up Book Light

    Pop-up Book Light

    Random project I worked on this weekend: a pop-up book light. A book binding converted into a light with an accordion-felt star that pops up when you open it. Read more

    Posted on 10 May 2011 ART & DESIGN
  • Saturday Morning Experiment

    Saturday Morning Experiment

    I just woke up Saturday morning with an urge to experiment with my heat gun and plastic bags. I would like to place some emphasis on “just woke up” to excuse... Read more

    Posted on 07 May 2011 ART & DESIGN