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The Southern Design Concern: Fixed

By Theclosedloop @theclosedloop

The Southern Design Concern is a loose collective of designers who are from or currently working in the American South. Their mission is to bring attention to the work of Southern designers.

This Saturday the SDC is putting on a show called “Fixed”.  I am really proud and excited to be part of the show! Here is short description about the show:

Fixed is an exhibition of repaired objects. Specifically, a select group of designers were prompted to explore the concept of repair beyond its literal or functional implications. With materials and typology of object open to their choosing, the designers were encouraged to find loopholes and, if necessary, to subvert the brief.

I am exhibiting my environmental outlet protectors at Fixed this Saturday, 11pm at the Sound Table in Atlanta. Stop by if you live in the Atlanta area!

The Southern Design Concern: Fixed

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