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CEO for Change

By Theclosedloop @theclosedloop

CEO for Change

This side project I’ve been working on for the past few months is finally materializing! Read more about it below. There will be a Launch Party in Atlanta in a few weeks, more info about that to come!

CEO for Change is about reaching out to CEOs of top consumer products companies in the US and convincing them that industrial designers can transform their products to be more sustainable and innovative. I want to reach the CEOs of companies like Kellogg or Frito Lay where it’s hard to tell whether they are aware of the differences between designers and packaging engineers.

How can companies transform a product to be more sust…ainable? They can (a) alter the material to be recyclable/biodegradable (b) monitor their energy and material use (c) reclaim it from consumers and repurpose it …

Or my favorite option (d) utilize industrial design and redefine your product. It drives me CRAZY that so many companies do not know what industrial design is!

As an industrial designer, I’m setting the bar high for better and more sustainable products on the market. Companies cannot put out any more excuses, just great products. A major goal of this project is to inform more people about industrial design.

So, how am I reaching out to CEOs, you ask?

(1) I have created “CEO for Change” booklets that I am going to mail directly to 50 CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. These booklets will be available for purchase at this event ($10 for professionals, $5 for students)

(2) With the talent of Jason Travis, we have created a brief “CEO for Change” video to tell my story. The video will premier at this event.

(3) With your help! If you support this idea that industrial design is an integral part of creating better and more sustainable products, come out to this event and spread the word. If you work for a company that you think doesn’t value design in its products, feel free to give them a “CEO for Change” book.

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