• Sobriety Fitness

    ...A Healthier Way of Living!

    Sobriety Fitness is not all about exercise. It is much more than that. It is the ability to work on ourselves spiritually, mentally and physically while trying to stay sober. No matter what our addiction was or still is if we are willing to "work-out" spiritually, mentally and physically the changes in our thoughts about our addictions will change as well.

    This Sobriety Fitness group is written with the sole purpose of helping the reader with him or her addictions of any kind, and also, to help the individuals that are living with someone who is addicted to any certain substances. The groups goal is to achieve a happy, serene, satisfying and worthwhile life. In by doing this, the group will help support, learn and teach others of their experience, strength and hope. You do not need to be a member of a 12 step group. The group is here for support in any way you feel will help you reach your goal of serenity in your life. The fitness aspect of it is to help you use your energy in more positive and healthier way while learning the tools of staying sober or just by learning how to live with or deal with someone who is addicted.