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Recovery: I Will Share My Day with You!

By Sobrfit3

Written by:  Cathy Shuba

Today I woke and smiled.  I thought I would share my day with you.  Today I have 20 years sobriety, happiness, freedom and mostly love for myself and for who I am and what I share with the people in my life.  I thought I would share my day with all of you and the pure example I am to all that with willingness, hope and faith,…sobriety can be a reality.  I have worked hard, I still work hard, I still have good and bad days but I am still sober, happy and free.  Can you say that?  Do you feel that?  If not, take comfort that if serious enough about your recovery and what you want from your recovery you can be sober, happy and free!

Most of you who are close to me know that I am not one to tell others of my sobriety date let alone write about it as I am today.  So why did I write about it today?  Humility has given me 20 years.  Would you still consider me humble by writing this today?  Probably not, but sometimes sharing things of accomplishment is not always about ego, pride and bragging ways.  I share this today through gratitude and with that, I must say my honesty has given me 20 years.  Facing my fears, self-doubts, failures and people’s criticism gave me 20 years.  Choosing my destiny, not people pleasing or enabling gave me 20 years.  Saying thank you, smiling at a person and sharing my kindness and love with a stranger, friend or family member gave me 20 years.  Choosing not to be in denial and learning to have compassion when others around me were rude, mean, angry, and resentful and down right jealous gave me 20 years.  My attitude gave me 20 years.  My awareness and constant mindfulness gave me 20 years.  Forgiving myself in order to love others gave me 20 years.  The list could go on why and how I have 20 years but the motive behind sharing this today is to thank so many loyal and wonderful readers of my Sobriety Fitness site that come, read, learn, and even share my message of hope and love to others.  Sharing my 20 years with others today may hopefully give hope, inspiration or even motivation to someone who is struggling with an addiction.  Still, I am not one to think I would ever cure let alone save someone.  That is clearly up to one’s own choice.  I am not powerful.  I am someone who chose to become sober, get help, continued to get help and still do which allows me to grow.

When I look back at this past year, I have accomplished and grown so much in my recovered life.  For instance, I have become a Recovery Coach after 20 years and look forward to be available to help others reach their potential in their recovery as I have in mine and continue to grow.  I wrote a book had it published for all who want to buy it and learn more about how I achieved the recovery I have toady.  I have met so many wonderful people, shared with so many and love the fact that I cannot wait to learn more and meet more people in my life.  Recovery is more than recovering; it is a journey with MORE avenues in it!

Today, I ran with so many wonderful ways I learned how to stay sober, live sober and have a happier sobriety in my life.  To me having MORE in my sobriety is so freeing!  Do you feel free in your recovery?  What has sobriety taught you so far in your life?

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